Business Analyst/Senior Business Analyst

In this role, you’ll work on designing and implementing process improvements that better impact the bottom line and increase the customer experience. As a Business Analyst you’ll be exposed to the new changes first, as well as have the opportunity to see how these changes will positively impact the health care industry. You will directly impact positive change by measuring how things are working and keeping progress on track.

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Business Solutions Consultant

You’ll diagnose process improvement opportunities for business problems and develop fully integrated solutions using the principles of process excellence and standard tools. Our professionals bring specialized skills in process design and project management and apply these skills effectively across functional departments. You’ll act as internal consultant, assigned on a full time basis to high-priority capability initiatives.

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Director of Quality

Responsible for the organizational management of an integrated, multi-disciplinary quality improvement structure. Our Director of Quality monitors, supports and leads quality improvement initiatives for a regional customer or business segment. You’ll create and oversee key program documents, report and monitor improvements, as well as clinical care and service monitors. As a key leader in our company, you’ll build and manage a team with ongoing coaching and feedback.

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Project Manager/Senior Project Manager

Project Managers ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. Your contribution to a project makes us best able to service our customers and provide the most efficient and effective processes available. In this role, you’ll experience a vast array of projects and work with key stakeholders to ensure tasks are performed according to plan and end-user specifications are met.

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Quality Analyst

In this career, you’ll drive consistency, efficient processes and share best practices as part of our team. Specifically, you’ll create quality reports and analysis, and perform data mining and root cause analysis. You’ll apply Six Sigma methodology to identify and track errors during the transactional quality review process. You’ll also actively participate in quality improvement initiatives, develop recommendations for quality remediation plans, and create tools and databases to capture relevant data.

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Service Center, Director of Operations

This management position aligns with key business partners to ensure performance objectives and provide excellent customer service. In this career, you’ll help develop and motivate a staff with strong communication, problem solving, and analytical skills. We seek a professional who has the ability to drive change, take appropriate risks and influence individuals at all levels of the organization. This means strong, independent decision-making ability and negotiation skills, as well as aggressive process and project management ability.

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Solutions Consultant/Program Manager

As a Program Manager you’ll provide consulting services to strengthen and improve efficiencies that result in stronger financial returns. You’ll experience a vast array of projects and perform at different levels within those projects. This career allows flexibility within the position and is especially suited for someone who likes the challenge of new projects, continuous growth potential and new opportunities.

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