Case Management RN

As a Case Management RN, you will drive positive outcomes by supporting a diverse member population with education, advocacy and the connections to the resources they need.

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Telephonic Case Manager -UnitedHealthcare Community & State
Telephonic Case Manager -UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement
Field Based Case Manager -UnitedHealthcare Community & State

Clinical Administrative Coordinator

As a Clinical Administrative Coordinator at UnitedHealth Group, you may work in one of several environments such as in a call center, on a clinical support team, or even at a health care clinic. You will directly assist members, providers, and clinicians and perform a number of duties such as data entry, education, and coordinating services and solutions.

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Clinical Administrative Coordinator -UnitedHealthcare Community & State
Clinical Administrative Coordinator -UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual
Clinical Administrative Coordinator -UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement

Healthcare Decision Support Coach/Nurseline

If you have greater than average flexibility, you'll thrive as a Healthcare Decision Support Coach for Optum. Working telephonically, you'll provide vital nursing advice to members nationwide on topics ranging from minor ailments, to medication consults and emergent conditions. You'll also provide referrals for care resources, clarify physician information, provide follow-up and work with technology to document member needs. Challenges include an ability to multi-task and meet productivity goals whether in the office or from home.

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Healthcare Decision Support Coach - RJP Work on the front lines of assessing and coordinating treatment with our members as a Call Center Registered Nurse in our Advocate4Me program
Registered Nurse Careers Video Here, you’ll find the most opportunities to have a direct impact on the lives of our members, to help design and direct treatment plans, and to grow within your career. This short video will show you all of the possibilities you will find as a Registered Nurse at UnitedHealth Group

Prior Authorization RN

As a Prior Authorization Review Nurse, you will manage prior authorization requests for our clinical providers. Every day, you’ll face tough decisions regarding diverse levels of care in all kinds of specialties.It’ll be up to you to assess and interpret each customer’s needs and requirements to determine the appropriate care.

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Prior Authorization RN Realistic Job Preview This is a realistic job preview for the Prior Authorization RN role

Advanced Illness RNs and Hospice RNs

As an Advanced Illness or Hospice Case RN, you'll coordinate care and identify the physical, psychological and social needs of patients and their families. You'll also enjoy rewarding challenges, exciting benefits, a closs-knit team and a chance to make a positive difference in your community.

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Hospice RN - Optum - RJP This is a realistic job preview of the Hospice RN role at Optum
Advanced Illness Care Manager -UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement

Nurse Practitioner/Physician's Assistant

As a Nurse Practitioner with UnitedHealth Group, you’ll work both independently, and in partnership with Medical Directors, nursing staff and other care givers, often serving as the primary point of care and contact for elderly and disabled members, within long-term care facilities or in the member's home. You will provide vital education in support of improved total care for members. Striving to maximize patients’ dignity and quality of life, you’ll communicate with members, family and care providers in the formulation of care plans personalized to members’ unique needs and wishes or home health assessments. The result? Members, families, facilities and health professionals with greater confidence in the exceptional care provided.

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Nurse Practitioner Careers Overview This video offers a description of the variety of Nurse Practitioner career opportunities at UnitedHealth Group.
Optum HouseCalls Nurse Practitioners This is a realistic job preview of HouseCalls Nurse Practitioner positions
HouseCalls overview video An overview of Nurse Practitioner HouseCalls careers at UnitedHealth Group
HouseCalls Nurse Practitioner Technology Tools Video This video details the technology available to HouseCalls Nurse Practitioners during their assessments.
HouseCalls Nurse Practitioner Management Video This video provides an overview of the Nurse Practitioner Management career path within UnitedHealth Group's HouseCalls program.
HouseCalls Summit Video Annual HouseCalls summit
Optum Home Assessment Nurse Practitioner Learn more about Optum's Home Assessment Nurse Practitioner positions
Optum Home Visit Nurse Practitioner Learn more about Optum's Home Visit Nurse Practitioner Positions
Optum Complex Care Nurse Practitioner Learn more about Complex Care Nurse Practitioner positions.
Optum Complex Care Nurse Practitioner Video This video details what it is like to be a Complex Care Nurse Practitioners for Optum.

Utilization Management RN

Work in a multidisciplinary team to co-manage member outcomes, reduce hospital bed days, provide discharge planning assistance and referrals to other services when necessary. Help ensure the care settings of members meet their specific needs.

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Onsite Utilization Management Nurse -UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual
Telephonic Utilization Management RN -UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual

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