Mail Order Pharmacist

Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of care by providing quality service that emphasizes health and safety. As a member of our pharmacist team, you’ll have the opportunity to utilize your clinical knowledge in a highly professional setting. Generally, the schedule is Monday through Friday with no weekends, evenings, or holidays. Job benefits are numerous, the workplace is less stressful and interaction with other pharmacists and health professionals is abundant. Our team environment offers great opportunities for cross-training.

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Clinical Pharmacist

You’ll interact with doctors on behalf of the patient to assure positive medication therapy. You’ll interact with patients to make certain they’re getting the most out of their drug therapy by ensuring medication compliance and maintaining Drug Utilization Reviews. You’ll also help patients by directing them to medications that may save money and maintain their healthy lifestyle. To ensure diversity, each pharmacist rotates through different jobs throughout the day. Here we offer a team approach and an office environment where a pharmacist can thrive.

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Pharmacist Realistic Job Preview This is a realistic job preview for the Pharmacist role

Pharmacy Technician

You’ll make outbound calls to patients and doctors' offices, successfully resolve claim issues, coverage verification, adjudication issues, and more. Each day, you’ll work closely with pharmacists to make certain our customers receive the correct medications, in the correct dosage, at the correct time. In this team setting, you’ll see an order through to a rewarding customer service. With hours geared more towards business than shopping, you’ll have a rewarding personal life too.

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Senior Pharmacy Consultant

As a pharmacy technician, your responsibilities are diverse and focused on ensuring the best service and quality for our customers. You’ll make outbound calls to patients and doctor’s offices, successfully resolve benefit, eligibility, and claim issues, and perform other prescription processing activities. Each day, you’ll work closely with pharmacists to make certain our customers receive the correct medications, in the correct dosage, at the correct time. With regular business hours instead of a retail schedule, your personal time will be more predictable, as well.

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Document Preparation Clerk

Clerks provide service based on the key values of integrity, quality, innovation, diversity, and social responsibility. Receiving and preparing the documents for processing help our customers obtain medications and products they need to live healthier lives. Your success depends on your ability to receive and extract inbound prescriptions, flexibility to adapt in an ever-changing environment and being a hard-working, team-oriented individual. In this role, you also have the prospect of moving into other areas quickly.

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Fulfillment Technician

As we care for customers, it’s imperative that medications get out on time. Fulfillment Technicians manually fill prescriptions and aid the inventory team in replenishing shelves and automated dispensing machines. You’ll also track inventory, pack filled prescriptions, operate automated shipping machinery, and ensure timely delivery of prescriptions to patients. Efficiency is key, as it determines when customers receive their medications. The greatest edge over the competition is our environment--our fulfillment area is a clean and air conditioned facility.

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