Associate Network Contractor

You’ll develop and maintain relationships with our provider network including physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, ancillary groups and facilities. You’ll create a geographically competitive, accessible, stable network that achieves objectives for unit cost performance and trend management. You’ll also produce an affordable and predictable product for customers and business partners with company contract templates, reimbursement structure standards, and other key process controls.

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Network Contact Manager

You’ll assess and interpret customer needs and requirements, translate concepts into practice and you’ll act as a resource for others with less experience. Responsibilities are not prescribed which means you’ll work with less structured, more complex issues.

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Provider Installation Specialist

As the Provider Installation Specialist, you’ll be responsible for the installation and administration of contracts including structure and billing set up, eligibility collection, database loading, and preparation of plan materials. You’ll also be responsible for overall provider contract and amendment loading and processing using various databases.

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Provider Relations Consultant

In this career, you’ll design and implement programs to build and nurture positive relationships between the health plan, providers and practice managers. You’ll implement strategies for the development of a provider network, identify gaps in network composition and services, and assist the network staff to prioritize contracting needs. Here, you’ll be sought out as expert and serve as a leader and mentor to others.

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Provider Services Manager/Director

You’ll be responsible for end-to-end provider claim and call quality, ease-of-use of our physician portal, and service enhancements as well as training and development programs for providers. You’ll manage a number of professional employees and supervisors while working most often at the local level.

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