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Graduate Student Careers at UnitedHealth Group.

At UnitedHealth Group, you won’t get lost in the crowd. This is a performance culture. You’ll interact with leadership on key business initiatives with exceptional visibility. Based on your education, experience and interest, you can explore numerous career areas--finance, risk management, IT, marketing, product development and more.

We recruit from premier graduate schools across the U.S., and can provide you the challenges needed to move your career to the next level. What’s more, we operate as a true meritocracy. Our people move within the organization based on skill and hard work--not on how long they’ve been here. In addition to a career that is challenging and professionally rewarding, we offer you a chance to fulfill a unique social mission: helping people live healthier lives. Join us. There’s never been a better time to do your life’s best work.SM

What you need to know

  • Masters of Business Administration degree
  • 5-8 years post-undergraduate professional experience
  • FORTUNE 500 and/or consulting experience a plus
  • Proven record of achievement
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and manage people
  • Proficient change navigator and hard worker
  • Ability to strategically analyze complex issues
  • Effective and persuasive communication skills
  • Project management skills

Top Rewards in Graduate Student Careers

Here, you’ll do work that matters. From day one, you’ll help us drive health care affordability and accessibility for millions of people. You’ll gain broad exposure to our business while preparing for a management role within the company.

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