Is UnitedHealth Group For You

Smart. Creative. Dedicated. Driven. If this describes you, you'll find your place at UnitedHealth Group. When you're ready to take the initiative, push boundaries and join us in transforming health care, you'll discover a job that lets you reach higher that you ever thought possible as you do your your life's best work.SM

A daily dose of brain food.

Excitement? Challenge? Brain food? You can count on it. From week one on, we'll keep those neurons firing at a high rate. You’ll work alongside the best of the best to solve challenges, to help create sustainability and to create competitive superiority within one of the world’s largest, most complex and most demanding health care systems.

Find a place to grow.

UnitedHealth Group is just that--a group of unique and growing companies that cover the spectrum of health care needs. You could build your career in pharmacy, or work with our physician networks. You could make your mark in corporate communications, or discover health solutions for seniors. Our matrix of businesses not only gives us a competitive advantage. It gives you the chance to work in vital markets throughout the country.

Advance with your initiative.

UnitedHealth Group gives you the opportunity to change jobs or career paths through your own hard work. Because we operate as a true meritocracy, you advance through the organization based on your ability – not how long you work a certain role.

Where will you take us today?

As a new college grad at other companies, you may have the opportunity to follow the lead. At UnitedHealth Group, you’ll have the opportunity to take the lead. You’ll be empowered to help us solve some of the toughest health care challenges facing our country right now. You’ll be using your head. You’ll be using your heart. You’ll be changing the world for the better. And you’ll be doing it right from the start.

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