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The world will never be the same. And neither should you.

Health care is changing because it has to. UnitedHealth Group is driving that change because we want to. And, because there’s no team, anywhere, that is better equipped to do it.

When it comes to talent and remarkable individual achievements we are 160,000+ strong. That’s a lot of people doing a lot of great things. For them, and for you, we’ve created an environment that brings out their best in all the ways that make them special. What words describe that for you? Creativity? Focus? Intensity? Passion? Bring it all. We’ll provide you with a mission and a culture that make the most of it.

We’re a Fortune 14 leader because we have so many people with so many gifts. We ask them to leave nothing behind when they come to work. And we work hard to help them succeed. Take a look below and read what they tell us are the best reasons to work here.

  • You can greatly improve the life of others
  • You'll have the most opportunities to grow/develop
  • You'll work with an elite team
  • You'll help rewrite the history of UnitedHealth Group
  • You'll help heal the health care system
  • You're empowered to do your best
  • Your performance will be rewarded
  • It's always challenging and exciting
  • See your ideas come to life
  • Be part of something daring/bold

The bottom line is this: We're driven to transform health care not just for our own good, but for the greater good. So the contributions you make, the pride you feel, the smile that keeps you company on your way home are all ways of knowing that what you do here really matters. It’s important. No, not just important, historic. That’s why someday, you’ll look back at the things you achieved here and realize that you did your life's best work.SM

View the following videos to see how our employees bring their passions to work.


Hockey Lover, Deputy General Counsel
“At UnitedHealth Group, the emphasis is on building relationships, and acting with compassion and integrity. My team definitely stresses that outlook and reinforces that teamwork is priority.”

View Apur's Profile

Volunteer Firefighter, System Analyst
“When you meet people as a firefighter, they're often going through the worst day of their life. The biggest thing for me is, what can I do to help them?”

View Chris's Profile

Humane Society Volunteer, Customer Care Advocate
“A big part of my job requires connecting with people on different levels, exercising empathy and compassion. It's taught me to be more compassionate outside of work as well, especially in my work with rescued animals..”

View Claire's Profile

Philanthropist & Life-Changer, Director of Strategic Growth & Development
“My non-profit work is incredibly fulfilling because I get to use my talents to improve people's lives. That's what I enjoy about my role at UnitedHealth Group, because we do the same thing on a much larger scale.”

View Adriana's Profile

Army Veteran & Non-Profit Board Member, Portfolio Director
“Military service gave me a great sense of accomplishment. At UnitedHealth Group, I get the same feeling being part of a company that will transform health care for generations to come.”

View Arthur's Profile

Permaculture Farmer, Vice President of Cloud Integration Architecture
“Health care is a complex system; it needs a sustainable solution with minimum waste. But just like natural agriculture, you want to optimize the whole system without breaking little parts along the way.”

View Don's Profile

Ballroom Dancer, Senior Technology Project Manager
“I tell people this is a great job to have, because I get thrown into things that are totally unknown. But I'm not afraid of being human. And just like when I'm dancing, I'm not afraid to make mistakes.”

View Giselle's Profile

Nature Trailblazer, Recent College Graduate, Systems Analyst, Technology Development Program
“Interpersonal relations and communication contribute to team camaraderie because you need the same strong attitude when you are camping. You need healthy relationships to trust each other; out in the woods or in the office.”

View Iris's Profile

Mental Health Advocate & Volunteer, Care Coordinator
“As a care coordinator, I connect with a lot of members who are struggling with mental illness. My volunteer work is another way I help them achieve independence, and it's so rewarding to see that.”

View Jorel's Profile

High School Student Mentor, Senior Business Analyst
“This is my first job out of college, and UnitedHealth Group provides a lot of resources to help me be successful. Mentoring is important to me, because I want to provide the same kind of support and encouragement to high school students.”

View Marissa's Profile

Blues Harp Player, Registered Nurse Case Manager
“Playing the Blues really helps me explore sadness and grief; it helps me release those feelings with a joyous thought pattern. It makes me stronger, and it makes me a better nurse. It really does.”

View Mark's Profile

Robotics Hobbyist, Vice President of Software Architecture
“In the course of my robotics hobby, there are going to be failures: my copter crashes or doesn't work right. By working through those, I convert chaos to clarity. And I gain the fortitude needed to face similar chaos at work.”

View Mike's Profile

Serious Gamer, Application Developer, Technology Development Program
“The longest time I've spent playing video games? A day and a half. That's pretty similar to the time I'll spend on a really challenging issue at work.”

View Oswald's Profile

Devoted Dad & Family Man, Innovation Initiative Manager
“My family is my reason to come home every night. They are also why I love to come to work every day. Ultimately, the innovation I help move forward is shaping the health care that my family and other families will benefit from.”

View Patrick's Profile

National Guardsman, Sr. Business Analyst
“The values at UnitedHealth Group and the Army are very similar; close knit teams, working for something bigger than myself, and the empowerment to do your job & be your best. These have really helped my transition from a military to civilian career and future success with UnitedHealth Group.”

View Ryan's Profile

Competitive Horse Rider, Senior Director of Software Engineering
“You have to understand what people are thinking and feeling, because that's how we make progress. Being in tune with others is a large part of my job, as well as my horseback riding.”

View Stacy's Profile

Figure Skater, Actuarial Analyst
“In figure skating, precision is everything. One mistake can cause you to fall. And in my role as an actuarial analyst, that precision has to be present in the numbers. It's a challenge, but I absolutely love doing it.”

View Susan's Profile
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