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The world will never be the same. And neither should you.

Health care is changing because it has to. UnitedHealth Group is driving that change because we want to. And, because there’s no team, anywhere, that is better equipped to do it.

When it comes to talent and remarkable individual achievements we are 160,000+ strong. That’s a lot of people doing a lot of great things. For them, and for you, we’ve created an environment that brings out their best in all the ways that make them special. What words describe that for you? Creativity? Focus? Intensity? Passion? Bring it all. We’ll provide you with a mission and a culture that make the most of it.

We’re a Fortune 14 leader because we have so many people with so many gifts. We ask them to leave nothing behind when they come to work. And we work hard to help them succeed. Take a look below and read what they tell us are the best reasons to work here.

You can greatly improve the life of others

You'll have the most opportunities to grow/develop

You'll work with an elite team

You'll help rewrite the history of UnitedHealth Group

You'll help heal the health care system

You're empowered to do your best

Your performance will be rewarded

It's always challenging and exciting

See your ideas come to life

Be part of something daring/bold

The bottom line is this: We're driven to transform health care not just for our own good, but for the greater good. So the contributions you make, the pride you feel, the smile that keeps you company on your way home are all ways of knowing that what you do here really matters. It’s important. No, not just important, historic. That’s why someday, you’ll look back at the things you achieved here and realize that you did your life's best work.SM


Your job shouldn't define you. It should reflect you.

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to work.

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Performance Meets Passion at Work
Join UnitedHealth Group to do your life's best work.SM

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