Regulatory & Compliance

Improve the lives of others while doing your life's best work.SM

Regulatory & Compliance

As we help invent the future of health care, navigating our way forward takes integrity, collaboration and an appetite for using all of your skills and knowledge. Here’s where you come in.

Join our team and help us strengthen the health care system as we work to improve life for millions.  If you're up for the challenge, now's the time to start doing your life’s best work.SM

Corporate Fast Facts

Global Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN

Senior Leadership: David S. Wichmann, Chief Executive Officer

2017 Revenue: $201.2 Billion

Worldwide Employees: 285,000 employees in 130 countries

Ticker Symbol: UNH (NYSE)


The world is keeping a watchful eye on how well insurance products and services are tailored to the needs of members and the community at large. You'll help us continue to excel and lead in this role which involves developing, maintaining and implementing new health insurance product filings while ensuring all products and practices are in compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

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Strong consultative and troubleshooting skills will help you make a huge difference in this role. You'll work with our clients to understand and resolve issues, perform root cause analyses, develop corrective action plans, and participate in general risk management & mitigation activities.

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All across the United States expectations are on the rise for health care access, quality and costs. As we continue to provide thought and service leadership, we're collaborating with regulators at the community, state and federal level. Join us and help drive the dialogue by working effectively with our business teams and regulators to ensure that we're always part of the conversation and the solutions that emerge.

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We're out to make the health care system work better for everyone. That includes thwarting any efforts to cheat or exploit it. Help us take on the challenge. Put your experience and insight to work as you help identify and investigate civil and criminal fraud situations.

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What Should You Be Prepared For?

  • You’ll need to stay on the forefront of new laws and regulations.
  • You’ll need to adapt well to change. The Health Care system does not sit still, and neither do we. Check out our Newsroom to learn about the moves we’re making.
  •  Depending on the position, you may need to travel. Many of these roles involve frequent travel, so be sure to check the responsibilities of each position before applying.

What Are We Looking For?

  • Extraordinary knowledge of regulatory audit processes.
  • Ability to work effectively with federal and state regulatory agencies.
  • Desire to build a comprehensive career and make a difference.
  • Experience which meets 100% of the position’s required qualifications. Learn about our hiring process before you apply.