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Security and Risk Management

Paul_Work_310x220 Okay, we get it. Your skills and expertise have never been more in demand than they are today. But think about this. This is health care, where data security has been a top priority for decades. UnitedHealth Group has built a level of knowledge and sophistication that is pretty much guaranteed to help you raise your game while we continue doing everything we can to lower our risks. So it’s not just the challenge, the scale or the intensity you’ll encounter, but the opportunities you’ll have to learn from the best while you take advantage of resources that you’d expect with a Fortune 6 leader. You’re wanted. We’re needed. Let’s tackle the future together. And along the way, you’ll find yourself doing your life’s best work.SM

What you Need To Know

  • You will be working with a highly-focused leadership team that sets very ambitious goals and objectives.
  • You’ll need to keep learning to stay on top of emerging technologies and security solutions.
  • You will be working to protect some of the most sensitive, personal data available.

What We Are Looking For

  • Extensive cybersecurity experience within a large scale environment is essential.

Application Developer

Our applications development team participates in all phases of the software development life cycle. Our application portfolio spans from IBM Mainframe to Midrange to Web 2.0 solutions. We have over 400 applications and deliver nearly 5 million hours of application development services each year through our global teams. 

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Database Administrator

In this role you'll build, maintain, and tune the databases that hold the lifeblood of this organization - data. We have a large-scale, managed services environment with Oracle, SQL Server, DB2/UDB, and Sybase platforms.

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IT Project Manager

As an IT Project Manager you'll lead project teams to ensure that high quality technology solutions are delivered to meet our business needs. From technology infrastructure, to internal applications and commercial software, you'll find opportunities to use your structured project management skills to deliver success.

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IT Senior Manager

As an IT Senior Manager, you'll connect with business partners, set vision, strategies, and goals as you ensure delivery of quantifiable business results. You'll be a mentor, an influence and someone who helps create the next generation of leaders. 

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IT Senior Operations Manager

As an IT Senior Operations Manager, you’ll have a direct impact on our customers. In this role, your people and technology skills will come in to play daily as you help support more than 55,000 internal customers (domestic and international), more than 1,000 applications, desktops, telephones and networks. 

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IT Systems Architect

In this role, you’ll create the road maps for our future by developing technology architectures that will take our company forward as we help change health care forever. You'll help us shape a world-class customer experience and automate the health services industry by leveraging the appropriate technology solutions for our many business needs.

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Network Engineer

Our Network Engineers design and build world-class voice, data and video networks that enable our business and our customers to connect. In support of our domestic and international employees and partners. As a member of this team, you'll work on industry-leading voice and data networks, including 60,000 digital phones; 3,000 telecommuting employees and over 90 domestic and four international service centers. 

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Software Engineer

In this role, you’ll build commercial software products that automate critical aspects of the health and pharmaceutical industries. You will help develop and deliver more than 100 commercial software products to our various businesses annually. 

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