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Oct 11, 2016

The Diverse Culture at UnitedHealth Group is Alive


Learn how the diverse culture at UnitedHealth Group influences employees everyday from the perspective of Jose B., Executive Vice President at Optum, a UnitedHealth Group business.


What are your passions outside of work and how do they relate to what you do with UnitedHealth Group?


My passion is my family. I have two boys and they are in all sorts of activities including sports, debating and volunteering.


One of the things my wife and I have tried to instill in our children is a strong work ethic; which includes taking accountability for your responsibilities, giving back to the community and managing your health. We do this in the spirit of continuous improvement and being passionate about what you do. That is why I love that UnitedHealth Group’s work environment is about letting your passions inspire you to do your life’s best work.


Why did you choose UnitedHealth Group?


I chose UnitedHealth Group because it is a mission driven organization, something I can identify with easily. When a company is out to help people live healthier lives and to make the health care system work better for everyone, it is easy to get onboard and drive that mission forward.


What steps along your career path were most important to getting you where you are?


I believe that success comes from working hard and being persistent. It is a combination of grit and endurance that played an important role in my career journey.


What makes the culture at UnitedHealth Group unique and special?


Here, the culture is alive; it does not live in a book or a binder. It is quoted often and is always at the top of mind.  That is what makes the culture at UnitedHealth Group so different from other corporate cultures. For me, it is special because it so closely aligns with my personal values and that makes it easy to live out that culture every day.


What does Diversity at UnitedHealth Group mean to you and how do you see it manifest itself day to day?


 To me, diversity means being open to different perspectives from different groups. Whether it is diversity of professional background, culture or gender, it influences the end product and makes us all better and stronger. Diversity creates better outcomes. We serve customers in diverse populations so it is important that our employees can relate and understand the needs of those we serve.


What is one thing most people might not know about UnitedHealth Group?


We are #6 on the US Fortune 500 and #17 on the Global Fortune 500, but most people don’t realize the breadth and depth we have in resources and services at UnitedHealth Group. We go beyond what the banner would read for a typical health care company. There are so many assets and resources that are not obvious to an outsider. 


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