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Health Care Operations

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Health Care Operations

Take a minute to think about where health care is going over the next ten years. Think about the changes we’ll see in consumer choice, health outcomes, pricing models and the provider landscape. Now, picture yourself using a blend of technology and analysis to help create insight, interface with subject matter experts, build new models and help set a direction for how our Fortune 6 organization operates. It’s incredibly exciting. We’re setting the pace of change in health care. If you want more challenge, more growth and more reward, you just need to apply today. Let’s get you started on doing your life’s best work.SM



We all know there's a lot more to come as change sweeps our industry. But if change is going to shape our world, it’s comforting to know we’re shaping the change.

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Executive Leadership

If you wanted to focus on the three things that set UnitedHealth Group on a path to the Fortune 6 status we enjoy today, you’d have to call out vision, courage and the collective ability of our leadership team to inspire over the top performance every single day.

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Health Care Economics

We’ve built on our legacy strengths in underwriting and actuarial science to manage through a shifting regulatory and economic landscape; all while developing one of the most vibrant networks of providers and care givers in the world.

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Network Management and Contract and Pricing

We make no small plans. To that point, UnitedHealth Group has grown our provider network to include more than 820,000 physicians and 6,000 hospitals and clinics.

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Provider Relations

We all know there’s a lot more to come in the changes sweeping through our industry. If you want to leverage your education, training and expertise, we can provide incredible opportunities to join us, contribute and thrive.

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Regulatory and Compliance

As we help invent the future of health care, navigating our way forward takes the highest integrity and the surest collaboration. It also helps to come to the table with ingenuity, creativity and a strong appetite for using all of your skills and knowledge.

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You’ll join an elite team of underwriters who are responding to the needs of sales representatives and brokers to drive new products and services and fuel our growth.

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