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SalesMarketing_ShaunaD_310x220 The rate of change in our health care system is on everyone’s mind.  But that’s just for starters.  To understand our opportunities, it’s just as important to consider the degree of complexity that health care solutions involve.  UnitedHealth Group needs to inform, explain and drive insight for all of our various stakeholders; helping them grasp not just what we’re doing, but why.  Shareholders, regulators, administrators, legislators, providers and employees all have a need to know.  That’s why we’re attracting so many communications professionals who bring intensity and strategic brilliance to their roles.  We’re telling our story, a great story, and building something special as a result.  We’re creating the understanding and buy in that empowers us to improve life for millions. Now that’s an opportunity to do your life’s best work.SM

What you Need To Know

  • Our leadership team relies heavily on us to grasp and manage key messages about rapidly evolving decisions.
  • We’re dealing with intensity, short timelines and complex information.
  • As we expand from a primarily B2B organization into B2C venues, our roles and contributions are becoming more challenging.
  • The Communications team here relies on close cooperation and collaboration.
  • We emphasize career planning and development as a way to leverage talent and your growing enterprise knowledge/relationships.

What We Are Looking For

  • Social venues and forums are driving not just what we communicate but how we listen as a Fortune 6 publicly held organization.
  • People who are strong strategic thinkers and writers.
  • UnitedHealth Group acquisitions in the Asia Pacific and Brazil have created a much larger canvas for how and where we communicate.  The value of having prior health care experience and/or fluency in a second language has increased.

Communication Consultant

You think big picture and communicate with precision. You're consultative, high energy and looking to increase your impact. Excellent. We've got a role that fits.

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Communications Director

If you're looking to build on your business to business communications skills while raising your game to a whole new level, you've found the perfect opportunity.

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Communications Manager

Are you ready for a career challenge that puts your work on this biggest possible stage? Good. Get ready to keep the information flowing and the wheels turning for more than 140,000 employees around the world.

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Public Relations Director

Ever get the feeling that everyone's watching for your next move? Well, in this role that's not just a feeling, it's an every day reality that raises the stakes on everything you do. Up for the challenge? Good. Let's get started.

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