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Looking for an opportunity that will challenge you to raise your game?  Join us and take on challenges that will also raise your pulse. Across UnitedHealth Group and the Optum and UnitedHealthcare organizations, we’re just not using technology to help millions receive care, we’re evolving it by understanding how that care is provided, paid for and, most important, how it helps improve health through greater outcomes.  There are no limits here on the resources you’ll have or the challenges you’ll encounter.  From the most advanced development tools and methodologies to the highest levels of cybersecurity, we’re doing, sharing and learning new ways to make technology and health care work better every day. When it comes to career opportunities we’re not shy about the way we describe ours. Join us and you’ll be challenged to do your life’s best work.SM

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Customer Service & Claims



If you have a high degree of personal accountability, attention to detail and a love of problem-solving, we can provide the challenge you need and the career opportunities you want.

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Customer Service & Call Center

A Customer Service career at UnitedHealth Group will give you the opportunity to make a real difference helping people live healthier lives.

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Join our team and you’ll be a key contributor to positive and professional customer experiences. As a Billing Representative, you’ll work by phone or correspondence to gather information and generate accurate billing statements.

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Enrollment & Eligibility

What makes you special? People skills? Ability to help inform and guide decisions? A desire to do work that matters? That makes you a great fit for this role.

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Nurse & Nurse Leadership

Nurses have a huge impact on our millions of members. Learn about what you can expect from careers in this field and what we are looking for in nurses and nurse leaders who will join our team.

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Nurse Practitioners & Physicians Assistants

Nurse Practitioners and Physician assistants at UnitedHealth Group are helping more people in more ways than ever before; going beyond the bedside and beyond a hospital stay or office visit.

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Physician careers at UnitedHealth Group can take many forms. Whether you're interested in delivering patient care to an aging population or you'd like to work in a clinical setting with patients of all ages, you'll find the most opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

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Pharmacy careers at UnitedHealth Group can take many different forms. From Clinical Pharmacists to Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacological Research to Fulfillment Clerks, wherever you are in your career, we have an opportunity for you.

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Behavioral Health

Behavioral Care professionals are using their training and leadership skills to deliver new levels of care at UnitedHealth Group. We’re industry leaders by virtue of reach, size and innovation.

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Clinical Support

Our support roles are found in a variety of clinical environments such as on a clinical support team, a call center team, or even at a health care clinic. There are a lot of moving parts and some great opportunities to make a difference.

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Medical Coding

Medical Coders are critical contributors to a complex team of professionals all working to ensure accuracy, compliance and proper documentation.

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Health Care Operations



We all know there's a lot more to come as change sweeps our industry. But if change is going to shape our world, it’s comforting to know we’re shaping the change.

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Health Care Economics

We’ve built on our legacy strengths in underwriting and actuarial science to manage through a shifting regulatory and economic landscape; all while developing one of the most vibrant networks of providers and care givers in the world.

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Provider Relations

We all know there’s a lot more to come in the changes sweeping through our industry. If you want to leverage your education, training and expertise, we can provide incredible opportunities to join us, contribute and thrive.

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Network Management & Contract & Pricing

We make no small plans. To that point, UnitedHealth Group has grown our provider network to include more than 820,000 physicians and 6000 hospitals and clinics.

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Regulatory & Compliance

As we help invent the future of health care, navigating our way forward takes the highest integrity and the surest collaboration. It also helps to come to the table with ingenuity, creativity and a strong appetite for using all of your skills and knowledge.

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You’ll join an elite team of underwriters who are responding to the needs of sales representatives and brokers to drive new products and services and fuel our growth.

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Executive Leadership

If you wanted to focus on the three things that set UnitedHealth Group on a path to the Fortune 14 status we enjoy today, you’d have to call out vision, courage and the collective ability of our leadership team to inspire over the top performance every single day.

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Corporate Services


Business Operations Leadership

Take one glance at our Annual Report or just peruse the map of our business locations across the US and around the world. If there’s one thing that stands out, it’s the sheer diversity and size of our organization. We’re fast paced. We’re aggressively opportunistic. We’re driven by a mission and vision that create meaning in our work every single day.

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Finance and Accounting

Financial discipline and accountability count more today than ever. Which is why your performance and innovation will find a reception here like nowhere else. You’ll collaborate with the brightest minds in the business in a work environment that eats, sleeps, and breathes data.

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Human Resources

What kind of challenge measures up for you? If you said constant, enormous and mission critical, we should be talking. At UnitedHealth Group our teams go far beyond traditional human resources. We lead our organization as a trusted advisor, business partner and driver of change.

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The numbers are staggering. We serve more than 85 million people, provide wellness services to more than half of the Fortune 500, make it possible for more than 30 million people to get the medicines they need. We partner with more than 6000 hospitals and thousands of care givers across the globe.

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Administrative Support Services

Between the goals we set and the marketplace challenges we encounter, we’re called on to support one another in offices across the US and the globe.

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Sales & Marketing

Account Management

As an Account Manager with UnitedHealth Group, you’ll be a counselor, a guide, a subject matter expertise and, most of all, a partner. You’ll be bringing our clients better ideas, greater innovations and a level of service that’s brought us to a level of Fortune 6 industry leadership.

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Sales & Sales Support

The world is looking for new and better ideas, solutions and technologies. Opportunity? Consider this--the rate of growth has never been more intense. Bring your desire to learn, your collaboration skills, your drive and your dreams.

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The rate of change in our health care system is on everyone’s mind. UnitedHealth Group needs to inform, explain and drive insight for all of our various stakeholders; helping them grasp not just what we’re doing, but why. That's where you come in.

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Marketing & Advertising

People here bring a passion for innovation, an intensity of purpose and a sense of conviction that drives exceptional performance in the marketplace. Now the question is, can you bring creativity and energy and excitement for new ideas that will help us sustain our performance?

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Product Development & Management

If you love taking products from early stage idea to established market performance, you will love the opportunities we can provide. Join us and you’ll enjoy an abundance of resources and support within our Fortune 6 company. This is the opportunity. This is the time.

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We’re staffing our telesales team with people who want the challenge of taking calls from potential members and helping them sort through the complex decisions that will lead to the health care they need. Get ready to jump in with both feet to help people live healthier lives.

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Project Management


Six Sigma Project Management

Our top level leaders value what LSS brings to the organization and support us with the respect, resources and recognition that drives our achievements. And maybe that’s why we’ve been recognized as a Top Ten company for Six Sigma careers by iSix Sigma.

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IT Project Management

When it comes to Project Management, we’re insanely ambitious. We want you to have the best tools, methodologies and co-workers on earth. Even more important, we want you to have every opportunity to build your career by tackling work that stretches you and expands your knowledge.

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Business Project Management

This is the opportunity that will bring all your education, all your training, your certifications and your energy to a new level. We’ll put you in the driver’s seat on vital projects that have strategic importance to our mission of helping people live healthier lives.

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Optum Consulting

With UnitedHealth Group and the consulting teams we’ve put together in our Optum family of businesses, the spotlight could not be brighter and the challenges could not be bigger. We serve a dynamic, changing and incredibly complex industry and we share knowledge that our clients can’t find anywhere else.

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Optum360 Consulting

Our client base can range from the CMS to some of the largest pharmacy benefits programs to entire integrated health systems. The one thing they have in common is the desire to get it right and the best thing we can offer is the people who know how to do just that.

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Government Consulting

You’ll have access to some of the most comprehensive data in the world as you work with key decision makers on projects that help enhance health care delivery, support member qualification and enrollment, plan renewals, provider information and more.

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Applications & Web Development

This is opportunity on the largest stage you can find. You will work on cutting edge technology because you’re working on a team where ovation is always on the forefront of our minds. This is a career home to some of the best and brightest in health care or anywhere.

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Software Engineering

This is opportunity on the largest stage you can find. You will work on cutting edge technology because you’re working on a team where innovation is always on the forefront of our minds. This is a career home to some of the best and brightest in health care or anywhere.

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Security & Risk Management

This is health care, where data security has been a top priority for decades. UnitedHealth Group has built a level of knowledge and sophistication that is pretty much guaranteed to help you raise your game while we continue doing everything we can to lower our risks.

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Data Analytics & Warehousing

We rely heavily on the best database tools and services to help us manage one of the world’s largest collections of health related information. This is opportunity and challenge on an enormous scale; Oracle, SQL Server, DB2/UDB, Sybase and every emerging platform that makes sense for a team that makes the biggest difference in health care.

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At UnitedHealth Group we’re processing some of the world’s largest stores of data in ways that have never been done before; building out new architectures and software tools on an everyday basis. You should see this.

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Systems Analysis

We measure our progress in the thousands of ways we improve life for millions of patients. And why stop there? We’re also using great ideas to enable health care providers and make the world a more trustworthy and effective place for payers.

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Network & Infrastructure

If you want to spend some time working with some of the smartest people around, come join UnitedHealth Group and the 14,000+ technology professionals who have propelled us to Fortune 14 success.

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