Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for internships and full-time roles for college students?

Because a majority of our college recruiting occurs on campus, the best way to apply for opportunities with UnitedHealth Group is through your campus’ online system or with Career Services. If UnitedHealth Group is not actively recruiting on your campus, we invite you to search and apply for opportunities on our college careers website.

What will the interview/offer process look like?

While the process may vary, typically, the first round of interviews is completed on campus, and the second round is done in our office.  After the second round of interviews, candidates are notified if they will or won’t be receiving an offer.

What are the chances I'd get a full-time job offer after I complete an internship with UnitedHealth Group?

This is determined by business need and individual performance during internship. No guarantees, but it is our desire to convert interns who have proven to be strong performers to full-time employees.

Does UnitedHealth Group provide sponsorship for internships and full-time permanent positions?

Although we do not provide sponsorship for most of our college internship or full-time roles, UnitedHealth Group carefully reviews the number of employees who require visa sponsorship. Policy requires that the number of visa-sponsored employees is kept at a minimum due to the expense, time, and resource commitment these visas require. On a limited basis, UnitedHealth Group will also sponsor the permanent residence process. Each decision is evaluated on a case by case basis depending on the availability of qualified applicants.

Are all positions located in Minnesota?

While we have many opportunities for college students in our Minnesota locations, we also have a number of opportunities in California and Connecticut with a smaller number of opportunities located in other areas across the country.

Are there opportunities to work internationally?

While UnitedHealth Group is a global company, at this time, we do not have any formal student programs through which we send U.S. students abroad. However, as you grow your career at UnitedHealth Group, there are many opportunities to develop in the international space.

Does UnitedHealth Group provide summer housing for internships?

In general, UnitedHealth Group does not provide summer housing. Please check with your recruiter to see if summer housing is provided for your role/program.

What type of formal training / mentoring should I expect to receive as a college new hire?

UnitedHealth Group offers employees extensive career development and training opportunities. While this will vary from manager to manager, new college hires can expect to have regular feedback sessions with their manager, and an annual formal review process. New college hires can also participate in a new college hire orientation with the opportunity to connect and network with other new college hires.

Does UnitedHealth Group offer a relocation package for internships and full-time college roles?

Typically, UnitedHealth Group does not offer relocation for internships or full-time college roles.

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