Is UnitedHealth Group For You

Is UnitedHealth Group For You?

On the one hand, tens of thousands of people have made a career home with our expanding global organization. On the other hand, we’re simply not for everyone. So we want to give you a sense of what it takes to thrive here and what kind of challenges you’ll face in a high performance, high accountability team. Here’s what we know. If you join us, your hard work, intense focus and ability to bring new ideas to the table will be welcomed and nurtured. At the same time, when you step back and measure your contribution, you’ll come to realize that you’re doing your life’s best work. SM

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In this world, no one gets to the Fortune 6 level without setting ambitious goals and ensuring that they’re met.  We measure.  We monitor.  We hold ourselves accountable for reaching the objectives that we set for ourselves and one another.  This is a serious opportunity and we give it’s due. So you may not see a lot of foosball tables or game rooms, but you’ll see some of the world’s most competitive and high performing contributors ever to join forces for a worthy mission.



When you look at how we’ve grown through acquisition and deliberate marketplace innovation, it’s easy to realize that every day is different at Optum, part of the UnitedHealth Group family of businesses.  We’re changing, building new businesses, refining ideas; all while holding ourselves to see a big picture while looking through the shifting and ambiguous details of everyday business.  You’ll need to be comfortable making decisions where you may have to trust your reasoning over certainty.  You’ll need the courage to navigate a matrix of business activities and marketplace challenges without flinching.



We ask you to reach for aggressive performance goals while we expect you to demonstrate an uncompromising level of collegial respect and professionalism.  We value relationships and performance in equal measure, so we look to one another for support, kindness and understanding.  Oh, and did we mention that our members, their families and their providers need to be able to trust us wholly and without reservation?  That drives a huge emphasis on the value of integrity. We’ll expect you to do the right thing because it’s the right thing.  Every time.  Without fail. Lastly, you can’t even think about helping people live healthier lives without having an outsized level of compassion for every life we touch.  Bringing compassion to your work is critically important and incredibly satisfying.



As you think about the descriptors above, you’re probably coming to realize that no matter how much we support your work, you’re not going to have someone holding your hand through the challenging times.  We need people who can step up, step forward and take the next step toward reaching their goals.  For some, it comes naturally. And they’ll be your co-workers.  You’ll find them to your right and to your left; raising the bar and encouraging you to reach higher.



Yes, it feels urgent.  It is urgent.  We’re not just competing in the marketplace, we’re trying to make a difference that totally reshapes the marketplace.  We’re in a moment in time that represents the opportunity in our history to have the biggest impact on the world.  We’re going for it.  And you’ll need to keep up.

Students, is UHG right for you?

Learn what it's like to work here, what it's like to do your life’s best work. SM

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