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There will be days when you feel like you’ve joined a cause.  Not just any cause, but one that’s meant to change the world.  And that’s going to provide all of the meaning and purpose you could possibly want.  But you’re also joining a community, a team and a culture that provide rich life experiences.  You’ll find people who share your values and passions, your interests and dreams.  It’s a place where you can be your best version of who you are while you’re doing your life’s best work.SM


Making a difference with ideas

The first thing you should know about life at UnitedHealth Group is the first thing we care about is finding a better way.  Our reputation for innovation and creativity in all of our business lines is not an accident by any means.  We’ve deliberately built programs and internal processes to bring the best, most innovative ideas into the light of day and up to the level where they can change our world.  Are you feeling creative?  Let’s see what you can do.


Always in the process of growing

Look at our rate of growth, our pace of change and our focus on the future.  Can you imagine how more than 180,000 of us are changing?  You’ll see it from day one.  We believe that creating growth and learning opportunities for you is the smartest investment we can make for all of us.  You’ll find formal and informal opportunities to learn and develop.  You’ll find mentors and colleagues who encourage you to stretch and reach.  And you’ll find yourself becoming someone better with every week that passes.


Giving as a team

Our approach to community involvement and social responsibility is on display in each city where our employees are – whether that’s in the office or telecommuting from home.   Our employees are not only encouraged to take time to pursue their favorite volunteer opportunities, they’re also encouraged to promote those programs and organize teams of colleagues in the effort.  Are you looking to make a contribution to the community? Want to get involved?  We’ll get you going with an online tool that helps identify organizations that match your interest and/or skills.


Thriving as healthy individuals

Well, why shouldn’t we be a leader in helping our own team lead healthier lives when that’s the over-riding objective and vision that we share?  You’ll find a considerable commitment and investment in healthy options for how you exercise, eat and work.  Depending on where you work, you’ll find a wide range of choices.  That could include free fitness, cooking and nutrition classes or on-site fitness centers.  From the latest in ergonomic furniture to the best variety in on-site food offerings, we’re always looking for ways to help you live a healthier life.


Building Relationships Together

Hey, let’s hit that Farmer’s Market.  Look, the Food Truck’s out in front.  Are you going to the Town Hall?   When you work this intensely and with this much purpose, when your colleagues are this motivated, you’re sure to develop bonds that enhance every aspect of the work day.  And why not?  You’re on a team that deserves the best of all worlds.

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