Getting Hired

Getting hired at UnitedHealth Group is more than the right connections and a solid track record. This is about fit. Is your drive aimed in the same direction as ours? Does your high-performance DNA match our high-performance DNA? Quite simply, do you want your work to make a difference in people's lives? Then here is a place to begin your life's best work.SM


Recruiter Chat

Ask questions, get interview tips, find out how to make your career search a success.

Career Events

We’d love to meet you. Attend a UnitedHealth Group career event and get first-hand information from the people who work here.

Go Social

Connect with us on social media to get answers to your application questions and learn more about UnitedHealth Group's culture and values.

UnitedHealth Group Blog


Our Hiring Process

Before you begin your career search with UnitedHealth Group, find out what to expect along the way.

Digital Video Interviewing

Learn more about Digital Video Interviewing at UnitedHealth Group.

Transitioning Military


Resume Advice

A simple piece of paper can make all the difference. How to write an effective resume to get people talking.

Interview Tips

Do your research. Bring your motivation. Ask smart questions. How to prepare and what to do once we meet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering what UnitedHealth Group can do for you? Review a list of Frequently Asked Questions for find your answers.
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