Changing Jobs


At UnitedHealth Group, we believe that an array of viewpoints and experiences is our greatest asset. Some people find a position with us similar to their current job description. Yet many more candidates come to us for an exciting new challenge in their career path.

Many experiences. Many strengths.

If you’re coming from a military background, we welcome the discipline and world view that often comes with your experiences. If you’ve been a stay-at-home parent, we look forward to the multi-tasking and problem-solving strengths you’ve undoubtedly developed in your challenging position. We also actively recruit candidates nearing retirement for the skills they’ve developed over a lifetime.

Changing the future of health care.

We’re looking for your strengths, your energy, your creativity and your valuable experiences. We know that new points of view bring us new solutions and new ways of looking at the health care industry. We also strive to mirror the many clients and communities we serve everyday. At UnitedHealth Group, we actively seek people who have life and work experiences that will allow them to do their life's best work.SM

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Executing with Excellence

Bring your drive and commitment to make the health care system work better.

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