What makes the culture at UnitedHealth Group so unique?

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What makes the culture at UnitedHealth Group so unique?

Monday, April 4, 2016

Our culture is defined by our 5 values of Integrity, Compassion, Relationships, Innovation and Performance. These values guide how we work together and behave with one another & with our customers. UnitedHealth Group offers you more challenges that help improve your skills & knowledge. The work environment here supports you in a way that you are able to face any situation or pressure. These qualities are of great significance when you are climbing the corporate ladder. Learn what few of our leaders have to say about our culture:

Yogesh Rao, Director Product Management, Product Engineering team

Our culture is defined by our values. The differentiators in the values tie back to us being in the space of health care. We see a million health care records in our job. One way to look at these could be in a totally cut-off manner and treat them as line items on a computer screen. Our way of looking at it is to feel compassion for someone and their family going through a tough time. We are encouraged to be innovative in every little thing we do, this leads to things like shorter cycle times, faster settlement of genuine claims, lesser errors by health care providers and more. We cannot be innovative in silos; we are encouraged to build relationships without worrying about organizational boundaries. These relationships could be with someone settling claims in Manila or with a helpdesk person in the next room. Being in the health care industry also means holding ourselves to the highest degree of integrity. It’s a wonderful culture and it is best experienced than described. Please join us and experience it for yourself.

Ashok Balaram (Associate Director, Medical Coding)

Our People First philosophy talks a lot about our culture. We believe in the culture of nurturing, supporting, developing and investing in our employees. Employees are our asset!

Kshitij Kashyap, Senior Director - Human Capital
UnitedHealth Group has a very performance-focused culture and its one of our core values as well. Providing and receiving feedback is a key way to enable excellence in others and in ourselves. Feedback is not just for annual reviews- Living Our United Culture means providing and seeking feedback day-to-day and moment-to-moment. Appreciative feedback shows others how they’re on track and valued. The uniqueness of UnitedHealth Group is that feedback isn’t just a manager’s job-everyone’s feedback is important, because we each have helpful observations and insights.

Tarun, Associate Director Operation

At UnitedHealth Group, our employees have a lot of freedom to bring new ideas on the table. There is a lot of transparency in the day to day operations and employees are treated as the most precious resource available within the company, which gives a sense of pride to them. They can speak their heart out without worrying about any consequences.

Quincy S., Six Sigma Consultant | Black Belt, UnitedHealthcare

The culture at UnitedHealth Group is one where the more you put in the more you get out. If you are willing to work hard, actively manage your own career path and seek out mentors, many opportunities will come to you. Senior leaders are also very willing to meet and share their knowledge. A new employee will notice how strongly the enterprise embraces their culture values which are based on five key pillars; Integrity, Compassion, Relationships, Innovation and Performance. Personally I was being recruited away to another company but I decided to stay and be part of the UHG’s cultural journey.

Mitesh, Director Claims

UnitedHealth Group is a very employee focused organization. This is visible in the very high employee engagement scores we receive year on year. There is a very strong focus on employee development, employee engagement and employee health initiatives through our wellness programs. Employees also have the freedom to pursue activities beyond their normal daily job – whether as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility or being a member of a sports team.

Oron Stenesh, Product Director, Optum Physical Health

UnitedHealth Group has been undergoing a cultural evolution over the past 5 years or so. Our values of integrity, compassion, relationships, innovation and performance underpin all we do in service of our mission to help people live healthier lives. What that looks like and feels like to me is focusing on the most important business projects (not being derailed by the small stuff), holding myself accountable (making decisions, not excuses) and working to put myself in the shoes of the people I partner with (being curious to their ideas and perspectives).

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