Working with UnitedHealth Group is challenging but extremely fulfilling at the same time

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Working with UnitedHealth Group is challenging but extremely fulfilling at the same time

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Author: Shikha T, Recruiting Manager at UnitedHealth Group

We fail to pursue our goals and dreams because of the fear that we aren’t naturally talented enough. We fear that we don’t have that innate ability or cannot simply teach ourselves to master a specific skill. Thankfully this idea is false. As the saying goes: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” and this exactly corroborates when you work with UnitedHealth Group.

In general, the assumption is that if you are a Recruiter, you only interview candidates. However, being a recruiter at UnitedHealth Group means that I am constantly on my toes. The role involves, but is not limited to, identifying and selecting candidates who not only possess apt technical skills but are also aligned to our culture and our mission of helping people live healthier lives and to help make the health system work better for everyone. It is a multifaceted technique through which candidates are identified and assessed. Attention to detail is a must as we don’t want to lose talent because of lack of understanding in assessing a candidate.

We want to hire candidates who contribute to drive revenue to our business by exerting extraordinary efforts. However, it’s a double edge sword (so to speak) as we don’t want to hire people who lack in attitude and skills and hence the need for attention to detail.

The journey is not easy as there are deadlines to fulfill which cannot be compromised upon as they are linked to the overall revenue and growth of the organization. Both the business and the leadership teams are updated on the market trends and the challenges we face while trying to recruit the best in class talent.

In between managing the business demands and the candidates’ expectations, delivery timelines and reviews, I realize the importance of delivering excellence in performance.

When you outperform, you are not only rewarded and recognized here but also feel a personal sense of achievement and fulfilment as you have been able to do your job “right” by hiring the best and the brightest. You are able to relate to the organization’s mission and with each milestone, you end up setting the benchmark for yourself a notch higher.

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