Connecting Globally – Insight into Working on a Global Team

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Connecting Globally – Insight into Working on a Global Team

Monday, July 25, 2016

It’s Monday morning and I’m trying to schedule a team meeting. Simple right? Not always. My team is spread out over 4 continents across multiple time zones. The truth is, it’s rare to find a time that perfectly aligns with everyone’s work day. That means someone needs to change their schedule to accommodate. We take turns – sometimes working a bit later, other times starting the day earlier – because we all see the importance of connecting on a regular basis.

Being on a global team like this is definitely rewarding, but it has its challenges. Thankfully Optum, part of the UnitedHealth Group family of businesses, offers employees resources to learn about other cultures and communications styles they might work with. You can compare other cultures and styles to your own personal style and identify how you might change them to obtain the most desired outcome.

Working on a global team like I do, has real benefits, from both a growth and development perspective, but also for the organisation and its performance. At Optum, diversity drives innovation. The different perspectives and cultures that come together on this global team contribute to new thoughts and ideas, and improvements that make us better overall. We value how technology allows us to connect instantly and collaborate. Innovation inspires us and challenges us to think differently. We have compassion for each other’s time, we invest in our relationships, and we have integrity to admit when we are wrong. Together, we are a top-performing team.

Working virtually and thinking globally will make us better at what we do and allows us to expand our reach around the world. To learn more about our global impact, click here.

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