Ensuring you are a right fit before you apply

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Ensuring you are a right fit before you apply

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

So you’ve searched our open jobs and are ready to submit your application. But how do you know if a specific job is right for you? Here are four questions to consider before applying:

1.) Am I prepared to complete the application process?

In most cases you will be asked to submit information about previous jobs you’ve held, education or certifications you’ve obtained, and specific skills you have. An updated CV is a great tool to have, as it can be uploaded online and serve as a reference point as you complete your application. If you don’t have a resume handy, take a moment to prepare notes or a summary so you’ll have the info you need to complete your submission.

2.) Do I meet the position requirements?

The jobs posted online list detailed requirements for education, training, and certifications; the number of years of experience needed; and/or any specific skills that are going to be necessary for you to be successful in the position. There may also be items that are listed as “preferred” qualifications that are desired. Take a moment to ensure you meet ALL the requirements and most of the preferred qualifications when submitting your application.

3.) Is this something I will enjoy doing?

Picture yourself doing the tasks described in the posting. Make sure it sounds like work that will be enjoyable, challenging, and offer you opportunities to grow in your field of specialty.

4.) Does this seem like a culture I could thrive in?

The work environment is an integral part of job satisfaction. So, when applying, take a moment to confirm that the culture will energize and inspire you. In addition, ensure that the mission and values, the foundation of our culture, aligns with your own career goals and aspirations.

If you answered, “Yes” to these questions, you are ready to submit your application and move forward in the hiring process!   

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