Diversity impacts compassion, fosters curiosity and prevents group think.

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Diversity impacts compassion, fosters curiosity and prevents group think.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Featured Blogger: Quincy S., Six Sigma Consultant | Black Belt, UnitedHealthcare

UnitedHealth Group is a place where diversity is present in every business. Hear from our guest blogger Quincy S. to learn about his journey to UnitedHealth Group and how the culture and diverse workforce has helped to shape his experience.

  1. What did you do before joining UnitedHealth Care?

    Before joining United Health Group I worked at a healthcare company in Illinois as a Six Sigma Black belt. The company built software that went into scanning devices such as MRI, and CT Scanners. In this role I helped make the hardware procurement and risk processes more efficient.  Prior to this role, i was a Platform Development Manager at a global vehicle leasing company. In this role I hired staff and built the operations processes for a vehicle management and tracking platform.

  2. What is your current role?

    Currently I am a Six Sigma Consultant at UnitedHealthcare. In this role I work on a multitude of projects all geared toward process efficiency. To date I have worked in many functional and product areas including Appeals, Claims and Healthcare Exchanges.

  3. Have you held other roles at UnitedHealth Group?

    I have had this role since I joined the company in July 2012. However I have been actively engaged with many employee groups such as the Cultural Ambassador Program and Leadership Mentoring Circle, a group which I co-founded. Each of these organizations has helped me build strong relationships and become more knowledgeable about the company and its culture.

  4. How would you describe the culture at UnitedHealth Group?

    The culture at UnitedHealth Group is one where the more you put in the more you get out. If you are willing to work hard, actively manage your own career path and seek out mentors, many opportunities will come to you. Senior leaders are also very willing to meet and share their knowledge. A new employee will notice how strongly the enterprise embraces their culture values which are based on five key pillars; Integrity, Compassion, Relationships, Innovation and Performance. Personally I was being recruited away to another company but I decided to stay and be part of the UHG’s cultural journey.

  5. Why is it important for a company to put an emphasis on diversity?

    A company’s employees should reflect the constituents they serve as it helps build the company’s credibility in the community and ensures that the needs of its many constituents are well represented. In addition, a diverse employee body will come at these challenges with many perspectives and will have a higher chance of identifying the best solutions.  For instance, health care insurance targeting the millennial generation who are very tech savvy might be a very different acquisition strategy than that for seniors and boomers. In this situation, millennials and boomers should work side by side to discuss and determine the best strategies to impact these different populations.

  6. How does a diverse work environment help people be more successful?

    I see a diverse work environment as a place where employees of multiple cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles, ethnicities, experiences and perspectives all thrive together under one common mission. These environments almost always solve the biggest problems, enhance cross cultural communication, foster the best relationships, increase one’s intellectual (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ) and provides a sense of belonging. In this global economy, organizations that embrace diversity in all its forms outperform others that don’t.

  7. UnitedHealth Group’s five core values are integrity, compassion, relationships, innovation and performance. How does diversity influence and uphold these values at UnitedHealth Group?

    I can think of diversity impacting many of our core values in a few ways. Diversity fosters curiosity which impacts relationships and the need to understand and appreciate the differences we bring. Diversity of thought prevents groupthink hence being a mechanism for innovative ideas. Finally, diversity impacts performance as folks perform at their best if they feel welcome and their different way of thinking is acknowledged and respected.

  8. What does diversity at UnitedHealth group mean to you?

    Diversity has many different connotations at such a large enterprise including diversity of thinking, job opportunities and people. There are over 190K people that interact with all aspects of the health care ecosystem from information technology to nursing. In addition, the many markets we serve force us to think broadly and holistically about how we go about our business. Finally, our most valuable asset of our people comes from all corners of the world including Ireland, India, Philippines, and Brazil. They bring to the table their expertise and unique perspectives that keep the enterprise moving forward and at the cutting edge.  

  9. What advice would you give to a candidate who is applying to join our elite team?

    Be yourself and value the unique experiences you bring to the table that can help make the enterprise better.

  10. How does diversity help employees feel empowered here? 

    Diversity helps employees feel connected, their uniqueness acknowledged and perspectives valued which consequently drives confidence and empowerment. To make the health care system work better for everyone requires that we all feel empowered to make change happen.

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