How to use the Military Skills Translator for Veterans

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How to use the Military Skills Translator for Veterans

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

UnitedHealth Group is committed to making it easier for veterans to translate their military skills and experience into civilian careers. One tool we offer is the Military Skills Translator to help match military skills to civilian occupations. Tanis A, a senior recruiter who specializes in military, explains how to use the tool on our website in this step-by-step tutorial.

Accessing Military Skills Translator
Visit the UnitedHealth Group Careers website. Select “Transitioning Military” under the “Getting Hired” tab. Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers are recommended.


Selecting Your Military Experience
Select your service and pay grade from the drop-down options.



Military Job Title Results
The results will show your pay grade and the branches of service you are associated with. Your job title will be listed here (see example below).

Identifying Civilian Skills

On the left sidebar of the page, you’ll see a list of civilian skills associated with your Military skills. If you do not want to include specific civilian skills in your search, remove from the list by clicking the Add/Edit bar located below the selections.


Finding Job Opportunities
Click on the green “Opportunities” bar. You’ll see a list of all the jobs that are actually open right now that best relate to your military experience.


Referring and Applying to Job Posting
If a job looks interesting to you, click on the title to see the posting on the website. You can review the job description, primary responsibilities and other job qualifications in detail. Print, email or send this job to yourself or to someone in your network. Most importantly, you can apply to the position directly from this page. Our recruiters here at UnitedHealth Group will be anxious to see your application. Good luck!


Like this blog? Try out the Military Skills Translator for yourself or read our other military blogs for career tips.

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