Designing your own career path - an interview with Jox Banta, Director for OptumRX in the Philippines

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Designing your own career path - an interview with Jox Banta, Director for OptumRX in the Philippines

Monday, October 24, 2016

One can only imagine what it is like to work for a Fortune 7 company. You’ll have endless opportunities to grow and develop this is something Jox, our Director for OptumRX, a business of UnitedHealth Group knows all too well. Here she shares how she starts her career with UnitedHealth Group and how you too can design your own career with us.

1. What were you doing before joining UnitedHealth Group?

I have been in the BPO industry for the past 16 years and for the past 8 years I have been managing health care accounts in different BPO companies prior to joining UnitedHealth Group.

2. How did you start your career with UnitedHealth Group?

I was hired in January 2014 to manage the ramping Pharmacy Business. I started as an Associate Director managing 120 FTE, and now I am the Director for Operations handling 600+ FTE across multiple sites.

3. How was your first year of working for UnitedHealth Group?

It was tough because of the ramp, but I remember it was a great experience too because of the support from all levels to make sure ramp is done successfully. Our counterparts in India and our onshore partners have been very supportive in the work transition and I have built relationships across countries!

4. How did your leader guide you in designing your career path?

My boss knows I have intentions of growing in the organization. We talk about it every time we have our regular touch base. We talk about how I can get there and what I needed to work on to prepare me for the next level. I have been sent to different trainings here and abroad to equip me with more skills and he gave me the avenue to make connections with other leaders. After 2.5 years, he promoted me. The experience taught me well too.

5. How are you guiding your team now in their career growth?

Just like how I deal with mine, we openly talk about long term goals. We talk about opportunities for improvement and I ask my direct reports what they need from me to help them get to their goal. It’s a partnership. Though a huge part of the personal development relies on them, as their manager, I also have the responsibility to make sure they are guided and they get the mentoring they need to learn new things, to meet new people, to showcase their skills and talent. I send them to regular trainings and I also do regular learning sessions with them too.

6. How different is a pharmacy job here from other companies?

Most people think a pharmacist is the one you see in the community pharmacy or the hospital pharmacy. The truth is, there is more to pharmacy than just that.  In OptumRx, part of the UnitedHealth Group family of businesses we assist in end to end process for patient’s pharmacy claims and benefits. We build their plans to make sure they can claim appropriately on the medicines they need based on their plan coverage; we process authorization for claims so they get their medicines on time, we answer queries and we support the front line pharmacies as well. Patient care is not just bedside or face to face. The backend work directly impacts patients as well.

7. What is the office culture like?

This is what I love about most in this organization --the culture that we live by. We value people and what and who matters to them. We recognize their needs and their contributions. We care for our community and encourage our teams to take part of an advocacy. We look beyond numbers with the work that we do, we see the value and the mission in every call, every transaction – to help people live healthier lives.  We challenge the status quo, we are open to new ideas, fresh perspective and we rejoice in every improvement, whether big or small, that we can bring to the business.

8. How is UnitedHealth Group dedicated to making employees feel engaged and a part of the culture?

We are high on employee engagement. We have a calendar throughout the year filled with activities and we rally our teams to participate in all those.

9. How does your role make you feel accomplished?

I lead teams of more than 500 across the country. Our clients are in the US miles away relying on the work that we do. The business trusted us to do the job and to deliver their customer needs. My job is to make sure that happens. That alone is fulfilling to me. On top of the business side, I have more than 500 people under me who I look after in terms of career, employee satisfaction, growth, etc. It is a huge responsibility, but with the culture and the system we have in the organization, it makes it easier and I cannot feel any less accomplished than this.

10. How are you recognized for the things you do at work?

We have so many ways of showing recognition to employees. I personally have experienced recognition verbally or through emails from my partners and my manager for a job well done. We see potential in people and we develop them to be prepared for the next level in their careers.  We have monetary bonuses as well for consistent performance. We have regular Rewards and Recognition ceremonies to award different categories.
11. What is it about your job that you love the most?

Inspiring people. That’s the best part for me.

12. What other piece of advice would you give someone who is looking to pursue a career at UnitedHealth Group?

Keep learning. Learn something new everyday. Seek a mentor in any of the leaders in your team. You need to learn from the experts or the experienced leaders. They will teach you, they will give you insights. Most of all,  maintain a positive and happy disposition. Your passion for your dreams will show. Keep aiming high.

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