Learn what it is like to be a Finance Professional at UnitedHealth Group

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Learn what it is like to be a Finance Professional at UnitedHealth Group

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

If you enjoy big responsibilities, picture yourself on our team analyzing and auditing data that help people live healthier lives at affordable costs. We talked to Rob R. Associate Finance Director about Finance roles at UnitedHealth Group.

Q1. What skills do you need to work in Finance at UnitedHealth Group?

There are many finance roles within UnitedHealth Group and the company does a good job of encouraging the finance talent to move around and gain experience across the many segments (i.e. Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, Optum, etc).  Strong financial acumen, being open to new ideas, staying curious, and the ability to build relationships are keys to success at UnitedHealth Group.

Q2. Do you need previous health care experience to be successful at UnitedHealth Group?

You don’t need previous healthcare experience to be successful at UnitedHealth Group, but it does help.  I came from the life insurance industry which translated fairly well into the healthcare industry.  I believe that strong financial acumen from any industry will set you up for success at UnitedHealth Group.

Q3. What challenges do finance professionals work on within UnitedHealth Group?

Healthcare is a very complex market and UnitedHealth Group is a very large, matrixed company.  It’s an evolving market place that is highly regulated so there is a lot to learn.  Also, it takes some time to navigate the large company/departments but with any job, you’ll find your way!

Q4. What types of software do finance professionals use at UnitedHealth Group?

We use Hyperion Essbase and Planning, Excel, all MS Office products.  Some departments use SAS, SQL, and other proprietary databases.

Q5. Explain what types of certification, if any, is important at UnitedHealth Group?

I have seen finance professionals with a variety of certifications/graduate studies such as CPA, CMA, MBA, Masters of Accountancy, Actuarial designations, etc.  Some roles may require them, but a lot do not.

Q6. What does a finance career journey look like at UnitedHealth Group and how does management support career growth?

Everyone’s career path is unique/their own journey.  There is not one path that is considered the ideal path for everyone and UnitedHealth Group supports a wide variety of ambitions.  The company does a great job of supporting movement within the company and there are great managers that support career growth as finance professionals move around the company, seeking their own path.

Q7. How would you describe the future of finance careers at UnitedHealth Group? What industry trends do you think are important to pay attention to for such a role?

The future of finance careers at UnitedHealth Group will always be bright.  The company will always flow with the overall health of the US economy but I feel that finance careers will always be considered healthy at UnitedHealth Group because this industry is so complex and continues to evolve and healthcare will always be around (there is always a need to understand the financial impacts of this industry).  As far as which trends are important, I would say the political landscape is important because it’s always changing globally and our industry changes along with it.  Also, the whole healthcare industry is in a state of change as it moves towards a consumer driven environment. Change is constant in healthcare.

Q8. Can you describe a “typical day” for a finance professional here?

A typical day is spent building relationships, fulfilling deliverables to leadership, reacting to new requests and balancing all that needs to get done.

Q9. Name three main challenges faced in a finance role.

I see challenges as opportunities, but if I had to list three they would be: competing priorities, influencing others on change, and meeting deliverable deadlines.

Q10. How do finance professionals utilize the mission in their careers at UnitedHealth Group?

Our mission is to help people live healthier lives and to help make the health system work better for everyone.  This, along with our values (Integrity, Compassion, Relationships, Innovation, Performance) should be part of all that we do.  Even though we are not in member facing roles, it’s important to keep the mission in mind in all we do.  It’s what makes our company unique in that if we focus on our mission and values, the company will continue to perform well.

Q11. What types of benefits are offered to employees at UnitedHealth Group?

UnitedHealth Group offers great benefits!  They have health, life, dental, vision insurance, they have a 401K (with company match), they have an ESPP where you can buy company stock at a discounted rate, they contribute to your HSA account, competitive vacation polies, and they have competitive base salaries.  They also have an annual bonus that is tied to company and personal performance.

Q12. How can former military personnel transition into a finance role at UnitedHealth Group? 

UnitedHealth Group serves the military and veterans segment and definitely are proud to employ those that have served. 

Q13. How do I know if I’m a good fit for the culture?

The culture here at UnitedHealth Group is what makes this company a great place to work.  A few years ago there was a huge effort to re-write what this company is all about and how we need to go about doing business.  The effort put forth in defining our culture was massive and it continues today.  It’s a way of thinking, an approach to everything we do each day.  We are looking for good people to do noble work.

Q14. How can I find out more about the finance roles at UnitedHealth Group?

Visit our Finance roles page to see what opportunities exist.

Ready to take the next step? View our Finance job openings.

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