At UnitedHealth Group we are diverse in thought unified by one mission

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At UnitedHealth Group we are diverse in thought unified by one mission

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Featuring Guest Blogger Adam A., Vice President, Optum Operations

See how diversity challenges us to recognize different viewpoints and drives us on our unified mission to make the health care system work better for everyone.


What does diversity mean to you?

To me, diversity means helping to foster an understanding, certainly at UnitedHealth Group but also in our world, that we have incredibly talented people across our organization each with different backgrounds, beliefs, and life realities.  Everyone has something to contribute. 

Give an example of how diverse thinking helped your team solve a problem? 

Our team talks about allowing leaders to lead “in the moment”.  Loosely, translated, we each have unique strengths and when solving a particular business problem, we try to do a good job of matching skill-sets across our team to the current problem at hand.

Why is diversity so important in a large company like UnitedHealth Group? 

UnitedHealth Group is a very large company serving an even larger population of extremely diverse members, consumers, and constituents - we must be equally diverse if we are to understand the needs of the people we serve.

What professional accomplishment makes you the most proud? 

I am proud of many things, but at the moment I would say that I am most proud of the work we are doing across UnitedHealth Group to support (employ and provide services to) the veterans who have served our country.

What diverse organizations do you support?

Personally, I support Outer Cape Health—a unique non-profit organization based on Cape Cod where I grew up that provides a multitude of health care services to a very diverse population in a semi-rural environment.  I am also fortunate to represent UnitedHealth Group in our support of Fenway Health, which is a Boston based health care non-profit providing health care services to the LGBTQ community in Greater Boston.

How has diversity influenced your career at UnitedHealth Group?

Understanding the importance of diversity has truly made me a better leader- not only has it helped me to better leverage the talents on my team, but I find that I often end up lending my ear to employees who want to understand how they can get more involved in driving diversity awareness within the framework of Our United Culture.

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