Community and Career Growth in the Technology Development Program Part 2

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Community and Career Growth in the Technology Development Program Part 2

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

What program rotations are you on?

My current track has me working as a quality assurance analyst/business analyst on the enterprise hosting services teams. I do quality assurance work.  I look at servers and make sure they’re compliant with our policies and ready for customers. My next rotation will be in the Systems Analyst/Data Analyst positions. The rotations offer opportunity to explore the different business and technology driven tracks within UnitedHealth Group. I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can.

Culturally, how has this program been a fit for you?

The culture at UnitedHealth Group is a perfect fit for me. Everyone I work with is really willing to help. They’re never too busy to set aside a half an hour to answer a question about an application or writing a database query. They try to make you feel like you’re part of a family. I’m never afraid to ask any questions or speak up about an idea that I think could be more efficient.

What’s been your favorite part about the program?

My favorite part of the program by far is the people. I enjoy the work a lot, but I would stay here for the people. My team is amazing. They’re always open to help me. People are super friendly. They’re obviously here because they have the same interests that I have. They’re a great fit for me and I’m a great fit for them.

What have you learned so far?

I have learned a lot: how to stay organized, how to use my Outlook calendar. It’s incredibly important to stay organized and view your schedule and take notes on different tasks. You won’t just be doing one task the entire time you’re here. There are a lot of different projects where teams will utilize your skills. You’ll be making an impactful difference on these teams and within the company. Be ready to make a difference.

How do you grow and advance within the program?

Be open to networking. This company is rather vast. But if you keep networking with directors, managers, fellow TDPers and find out what they’re doing and if you’re interested in it or not, then it’s wonderful. You can find out where you want to go in virtually any track you want. You can be as technical or as little technical as you want it to be. It’s really just making your own track.

What kind of impact can you have working here?

It’s pretty easy to see the impact you have working here. No matter what you’re doing, you will see how your work can affect other teams, your manager, patients and the nation.

How do you bring your passion to work?

I have a passion for learning. I don’t want to get stuck doing one thing for the rest of my life. Learning new tasks on an almost every day basis is great. That novelty keeps me excited to go to work and I’m never bored here!!

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