Finishing Your Career With Confidence

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Finishing Your Career With Confidence

Thursday, February 22, 2018

No matter where you are at in your career journey, you can learn from the experience of a seasoned professional. In this blog, Craig H., a newly hired Customer Service Representative at UnitedHealthcare, a UnitedHealth Group business, shares why he chose UnitedHealthcare as the place to spend the last phase of his career before retirement. Read on to hear his story, and get insider tips and insight to help you navigate our hiring process.

My interest in UnitedHealth Group was based on my own personal criteria of what I was looking for in an employer and work environment. My career, with extremely few exceptions, has been spent working at Fortune 20 companies. I want to work with companies that embrace change, not those that shy away from it. I want to work for companies that value their employees, not one that views them as simply disposable temporary assets. I want to work for companies that understand loyalty is a two-way street, and therefore treat their employees with mutual trust and respect. I’ve found, there aren't many companies in any industry anymore that fit these criteria, but UnitedHealth Group is one of the few who do.

I'm in the twilight of my working life, and in UnitedHealth Group, I've found a company that cares. The values match my own, and quite honestly, that's a rarity. I intend to finish my career here, where I'm confident I'll be treated with the same level of respect that I give to those I work with, and the members I serve.

For those interested in pursuing a career here, it’s important to understand a few key points about the hiring process.

First, it is specifically designed to determine whether someone:

1) Meets the requirements outlined within the job description, also known as “basic advertised qualifications”

2) Has demonstrated the ability to learn the skills and processes necessary to perform the job

3) Has the personality, work ethic & attitude to fit well with the teams.

The phone interviews are specific and thorough, followed by face-to-face interviews. The in-person interviews are designed to prompt responses revealing information about one’s experience, qualifications and capabilities to be a contributing member of the team. Personally, I found the interview process to be professional and quite interesting.

Having said all that, I would recommend that an interested applicant be 100% honest and straightforward during interviews – that's the best advice I can offer. It is also important for you to determine whether you would be a good fit for both the role and the company. Be sure to ask questions that help you deepen your understanding of the culture, day-to-day activities, team interactions, just to name a few. There would be no benefit to working in a place where you are not comfortable.

If you are curious to learn more about our hiring process, check out this overview.

Are you interested in joining our team? Search our current openings.

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