Working With Disabilities

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Working With Disabilities

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

To further realize such an environment, we constantly evaluate ways we can deliver a better candidate and employee experience. This includes the tools and resources we use every day—from recruiting candidates to developing employees and growing our leaders.

So, how does this directly relate to a position for you at UnitedHealth Group?

Each employee has a unique story and series of experiences that has led them to a career here at UnitedHealth Group. This uniqueness is what delivers an invaluable perspective to our company with diversity of thought, and ultimately, innovative solutions.

Read how a few of our employees are using their unique perspective to inspire better solutions every day:

Chad’s Story:

As a disabled vet, Chad thrives as a member of our diverse culture with the support of his service dog. Find out how he inspires his team to embrace different experiences, viewpoints, and more.

Tammy’s Story:

Tammy feels fulfilled every day she makes a difference in people’s lives.  After 19 years in a wheelchair, her disability has “helped open her eyes to people and their unique personal situations.”  See how this affects her approach to customers in her work at UnitedHealth Group.

Thaysa’s Story:

“When I was younger, it took much discipline and focus to learn sign language, how to read lips, and how to communicate with others. Communication was a struggle, but I never gave up on it.”
See how Thaysa pushes the envelope by using her personal experience to bring the same discipline and focus to her job every day.

Find out if you’re a fit:

Compatibility is a two-way street. Here are some tips to ensure we are the right match for you and vice-versa.

Get in touch with more resources:

Interested in applying? We can provide mobility, visual, hearing or cognitive tools throughout the hiring process. For more information, please contact HR Direct at 1-800-561-0861 Monday through Friday 7 AM to 7 PM CT.

Browse open positions:

Use our filtering tool to narrow your search by job field, location, keyword, and more. Search now!

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