Customer Service Roles for Bilingual Facebook Chat Recap

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Customer Service Roles for Bilingual Facebook Chat Recap

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

At UnitedHealth Group, we are committed to diversity and inclusion. By leveraging the depth of a diverse workforce, we can better meet the needs of the increasingly multi-cultural clients, communities, individuals we serve. In some positions, bilingual skills are necessary to provide services and are essential to successful performance of the work we do.

Here is a recap of our most recent Bilingual Customer Service Careers Facebook Chat, it has all the highlights for those of you who missed it.

We interviewed Carmela from our Talent Acquisition team to discuss Bilingual Customer Service Careers at UnitedHealth Group. She was able to share insight into the types of roles available along with advice for bilingual job seekers during our chat.

What are the different types of positions UnitedHealth Group has available for bilingual speakers?
There are multiple positions currently available for bilingual candidates. These positions range from; Customer Service, Claims, Nurse Practitioners, and Case managers. We are always expanding our bilingual team as we grow globally, so this is an exciting time to enter a bilingual role at UnitedHealth Group!

At UnitedHealth Group we are committed to diversity. What are a few examples of how we promote diversity in our recruiting efforts?
We have taken our diversity efforts to the next level by becoming active with associations such as the National Society of Hispanic MBA’s. We also offer a Diverse Scholars Program which awarded nearly $2 Million in scholarships to diverse students pursuing health careers. That’s just the beginning! To find out more about how we promote diversity in our recruiting efforts Click Here.

What are the different languages UnitedHealth Group hires bilingual speakers for?
We currently have positions for candidates who are bilingual in; Spanish, Polish, Creole, and Chinese. It’s pretty neat working for a global company where there are so many diverse people and backgrounds.

What advice do you have for people who are seeking a bilingual position at UnitedHealth Group?
The process is simple! On our careers site, locate the Job Search page. From there, you will search “bilingual” in the search window. It is also a good idea to add your specific location in the location window. This will allow you to view all the current bilingual positions we have available in your area for the role you are looking for.

Are there bilingual positions available at UnitedHealth Group that allow for the employee to telecommute?
Yes, we have several positions available for bilingual speakers that allow for telecommuting. For most roles at UnitedHealth Group we require employees to be in the office, but some locations offer work from home positions for those who have shown an ability to consistently deliver high-quality results. We may offer flexible scheduling programs which allow the versatility to work from home 1-2 days a week. In other positions employees begin working in an office setting then, after meeting and exceeding job expectations, have the option in the future to telecommute

Does UnitedHealth Group have bilingual positions that offer work flexibility or part-time hours?
Yes, we currently have several part-time positions open at this time for bilingual speakers. To search for part-time positions visit our Job Search page and type both “bilingual” and “part-time in the search window.

Is there the possibility of upward mobility at UnitedHealth Group when pursuing a career at UnitedHealth Group?
Absolutely, we look for performance driven individuals with all of our openings. At UnitedHealth Group, we strongly believe in promoting from within our organization. One of the benefits of working for UnitedHealth Group is that we support our employees who are looking to further their career. We believe that our strength in the marketplace is a direct reflection of your strength as an individual.

What resources does UnitedHealth Group offer employees to support their career growth?
A career at UnitedHealth Group means you have the opportunity to change jobs or career paths through your own initiative. We strive to give every employee the opportunity to realize their potential. Managers often meet with their employees in weekly 1 on 1’s to discuss their current jobs, career development and performance review and goals.  We also offer programs such as Raise Your Hand which allows employees to say what roles they are interested in.

Is job training offered to bilingual employees once they are hired at UnitedHealth Group?
Yes, we have extensive initial training programs for all positions, in addition, we believe very strongly in on-going training for all positions and employees.

Is there a language test for bilingual positions prior to getting hired at UnitedHealth Group?
Yes, Language Certification is required through an assessment test.

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