Finding Career Path Success with the Center for Clinician Advancement

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Finding Career Path Success with the Center for Clinician Advancement

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Nursing careers at UnitedHealth group can take a path eight-ways-from-Sunday. The sky is the limit! From work environments to area specialties, the Center for Clinician Advancement (CFCA) is designed to help Nurses and Clinicians navigate towards a successful career path.

We chatted with Christine, a Nurse Case Manager who has had multiple changes in her career.  “I was very appreciative that our company dedicated an entire department to the advancement of clinicians like myself.  And I knew that the only thing holding me back from achieving and learning more was myself.”  Christine said.  Let’s hear more about her story.

Hi Christine! What is your role here at UnitedHealth Group? 

I am a Manager of Case Management within Population health Management. That’s a lot of managements! 

What has your Nursing career path looked like? 

Well, I started out as a Labor & Delivery, Post-Partum, and Nursery RN in a hospital setting. I also worked part time at a pediatrician’s office, and filled in for charge nurses in a family practice and OB/GYN clinic.  Needless to say, I have always liked to keep busy in my career!  

After having children of my own, I had a difficult time working closely with the negative outcomes that can happen in Labor and Delivery. Because of this shift in my career goals, I was referred to an afterhours emergency call center for high risk pregnancy.  It was with this call center role that I found a new happy and professional home.  

Unfortunately, the call center office ended up downsizing and I was offered an opportunity to move my career path to focus on Disease Management.  I jumped all in and embraced the new change and loved it!  I loved it so much that I pursued a leadership path for myself and became a supervisor.  

Last year, my professional path came full circle and I was offered an opportunity to manage a High Risk Maternity Case Management team which included managing its non-clinical portion of the business as well

Wow! What a career path. What’s the most important thing you would want someone interested in UnitedHealth Group to know?

Be able to embrace change and innovation.  You will never, ever be bored!  Also, get involved!  Your career is only as successful as the work you put into it and the opportunities you pursue. 

You’ve worked in quite a few settings. Can you describe the work environment at UnitedHealth Group and how it helps you thrive in your career? 

I am a full time telecommuter and most of my direct and indirect reports are telecommuters as well.  That doesn’t mean we feel lonely, though.  There is a strong effort to engage employees that work from home and offer opportunities to network.  The difference can be if you actively choose to pursue those benefits.

How has the support of the Center for Clinician Advancement impacted your life in and outside of work?  

Personally, I have experienced positive impact from the Center for Clinician Advancement (CFCA).  I was able to participate in two leadership programs. The Emerging Leadership Program and the Clinician Leadership Program.  I have also utilized the Tuition Reimbursement Program to achieve my MBA.
Because I chose to work at a more accelerated rate, I was able to pay off my student loans right away and am now debt free from my graduate studies.  Professionally, I believe these programs have contributed to my success with promotions in leadership as well a strong sense of personal pride to always develop my career.

What have you been able to achieve with the tuition reimbursement program? 

My MBA!  When I first started my career in nursing, I never would have imagined I would have been achieving an MBA within a decade.

What are you most proud of in your career? How has the CFCA helped you get there? 

The CFCA directly contributed to my success as a manager.  The two leadership programs I completed gave me insight on the company, other parts of Optum and UnitedHealthcare, and helped me understand the current state and workings of health care.  The programs also helped me sharpen my leadership and interpersonal skills.  The fact that I was able to obtain my MBA through tuition reimbursement is incredibly valuable.  

Christine thank you for chatting with us on your career in Nursing. Where can Nurses and Clinicians learn more about the Center for Clinician Advancement? 

You can learn more about Nursing careers with UnitedHealth Group here. Make sure to visit the Center for Clinician Advancement site to learn more about the resources that could help your career.

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