What to Expect as a Finance Consultant at UnitedHealth Group

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What to Expect as a Finance Consultant at UnitedHealth Group

Friday, April 5, 2019

As a finance consultant your career path can go many different ways. This we know. A couple of the more popular routes are consulting firm career, or a career with a corporate organization. We talked with Jason C., Financial Consultant, about how he thinks UnitedHealth Group stands out in the industry, what you can expect as a finance professional here, and how to prepare as a candidate applying for a finance role. The more you know, the better equipped you will be throughout the process.

1. What are your team’s responsibilities?

I am a part of the Consolidations team within UnitedHealthcare Community & State. We’re mainly responsible for:

  • Financial reporting
  • Forecasting
  • Consolidation of Community & State’s financial performance each month, quarter, and year-end.

In addition, we prepare quarterly earnings release supporting documents and commentary, and board-of-directors and investor conference supporting schedules. I love that I am helping to support releases that are going directly to our leaders.

2. What skills do you need to work in Finance at UnitedHealth Group?

  • Strong communication skills are essential. Often times you’re communicating financial information at a high level to various stakeholders.
  • Strong Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. The more you know these programs, the more you can stand out as an organized, technical employee.

Each position has different qualifications and skills, but I have found that those two skills have helped me stand out.

3. Have you personally experienced career growth and development at UnitedHealth Group?

I have found tons of career growth in my past five years here (I have worked for Optum, UnitedHealth Group and UnitedHealthcare), and my managers have always supported my development. Based on your strengths and interests, you have the ability to learn from a variety of teams across businesses, which is what sets UnitedHealth Group apart as a finance employer. Career growth is a large factor in why I love working for this organization.

4. Why UnitedHealth Group over a consulting firm?

UnitedHealth Group is a great fit for finance professionals who are interested in learning about health care and having career growth opportunities. The organization as a whole has a lot of finance roles across its businesses (Optum and UnitedHealthcare), so if you want to learn a new business, it’s fairly easy to switch business lines. I have worked within all businesses and learned something different from each one – that is pretty unique about UnitedHealth Group! Lastly, UnitedHealth Group’s employee benefits (stock purchase plan, PTO) set itself apart from other finance employers, in my opinion.

5. What advice would you give someone just beginning a finance career with UnitedHealth Group?

Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions, and network with other people as much as you can. It’s a big organization, with tons of smart and successful business people.

6. How do I know if I’m a good fit for the culture?

You won’t know unless you apply and interview for the role. The cool thing about this company is that the values and culture are the same across the businesses. Everybody is working toward the same mission - to help people live healthier lives and to help make the health system work better for everyone. I recommend getting to know our mission, culture and values before you apply and interview for a job here; it will show.

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