What is beneficial about Global Collaboration

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What is beneficial about Global Collaboration? Here’s the scoop…

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Working on a global team has its benefits and challenges. It may be a struggle to put together a team meeting when your team is spread across 4 continents, but in my experience, this diversity and collaboration helps drives innovation. Are you curious how?


  • Increased productivity and offline time: Working globally can definitely be a big advantage when your peers are in a different continent and time zone. The work never stops, but it isn't solely dependent on one person's shoulders. When we take advantage of our collaborative environment, we’re able to foster work/life flexibility because your teammates have the work covered.


“Our world is so big, yet we are all alike in so many ways." 

-- Kristi I., Director of Recruiting, UnitedHealth Group


  • Thinking differently and learning other perspectives: You also learn what it means to be part of a global team and the importance of it. Seeing the world from a wider lens helps you gain perspective and information you may not get elsewhere. At UnitedHealth Group, the outcome is being able to make health care truly impactful in many parts of the world.


“Diversity helps employees feel connected, their uniqueness acknowledged and perspectives valued which consequently drives confidence and empowerment. To make the health care system work better for everyone requires that we all feel empowered to make change happen.”

-- Quincy S., Six Sigma Consultant, UnitedHealthcare

 Working virtually and thinking globally will make us better at what we do and allows us to expand our reach around the world. We can learn from each other and it helps us make a global impact. Click here to read what that means or Network with Us if you're interested in learning more about opportunities on our global teams.

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