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Video Interviewing Tips

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

At UnitedHealth Group, our first priority is the wellbeing of our employees and those we serve. We are leveraging virtual tools to continue to support hiring for roles that our customers rely on.

Digital interviewing allows us to have face to face conversations while being miles apart. It allows you to bring your resume to life by telling your story on video. Additionally your completed interview can be shared with multiple people at UnitedHealth Group, helping expedite our review process while respecting your valuable time.

Are you nervous about completing a video interview? No problem! Below are some tips to make you feel comfortable and confident with this new technology.

> Use High Video Quality: Before you begin the interview, make sure to test your web cam’s quality. Your picture should be clear and show no delay in your movement or speech. Position the web cam at a flattering angle for you. Avoid sitting too close or too far from the screen and make sure your face is visible in the monitor at all times. You can also use a smartphone or tablet to conduct your video interview.

> Test Your Audio: Before the interview begins, test the audio levels by speaking. Speak at the same volume and with the same inflection as you will during the interview. While the interview is being conducted pay attention to your vocal volume and clarity. If the interviewer has trouble understanding you, it could inadvertently give the wrong impression.

> Incorporate Good Lighting: Ensure the room you use for your interview is well lit to ensure your face isn’t covered by any awkward shadows. Use indirect light in front of your face, rather than shining it from behind you. Run some tests beforehand to make sure there are no dark spots or shadows.

> Test Your Connections: Regardless of the device you use to conduct your video interview, it is imperative that you confirm a clear connection. A spotty connection can make it difficult for the interviewer to see or hear you, making it hard for them to get an accurate impression of you. If you are interviewing via a smartphone, check your coverage before your call. You don’t want your interview cut short by a dropped call.

> Be Mindful of Your Environment: Remember, with a video interview, the interviewer will not only see your face. They will see the entire room in which you are sitting. You want the interviewer to focus on you, not be distracted by things in the background. Excess noise will make it difficult to hear. You don’t want your interviewer to get the impression that you are not serious about the job. For an ideal environment, set up in a quiet location away from the television, pets, kids or traffic.

> Dress Professionally: It might be tempting to dress casually for a video interview, since you are in the comforts of your own home. Avoid this thought. You want to treat a video interview just as you would a face-to-face interview. Avoid wearing white, however, because it often causes facial features to wash out on camera.

> Don’t Watch Yourself: Remember where the camera is! People tend to look at themselves on the monitor when they are conducting a video chat. However, the camera is usually at the top of your computer or to the side of your mobile device. You want to make sure you are always looking at the camera, not the image on the screen. Make the interviewer feel as if you are looking directly into their eyes.

> Relax and have fun: Our video interviewing process will allow you to complete a practice question before you begin the recorded interview to increase your comfort level with the technology. The practice question isn’t recorded and can be completed as often as necessary until you’re ready to.



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