Meet the Amazing Women from our offices all over the world

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Meet the Amazing Women from our offices all over the world

Wednesday, February 19, 2020


In celebration of the International Women’s Day, we would like you to get to know some of our colleagues who continue to bring their passion and their dedication to their careers. Get to know:

  • Abegail from the Philippines, Singer at Heart and a Clinical Coordinator
  • Angel from US, roller derby Queen and the Director of Vision Provider Data and Credentialing
  • Sinead from Ireland, Genealogy Enthusiast and an Audit Manager
  • Neelam from India, Baking Enthusiast and a Business Consultant
  • Hetiane from Brazil, Lifelong Learner and Administrative Assistant

How do you describe what you do to family and friends?

As a clinical coordinator, I'm part of the team that receives patients’ charts, labs and treatment sheets, and then we enter their data in the system. The nurses look at all of this information, along with our summaries, for how they should treat the patients. – Abegail, Philippines

I take data about our vision service providers and make sure it's available to our members and other providers. – Angel, US

As a high dollar audit manager, I work with a team to review claims before they go out, so we can ensure accuracy for the provider and patient. - Sinead, Ireland

I am the bridge between the business and IT people. - Neelam, India

I take care of people. I support the team who selects the best people, the best talent to work in our company. – Hetiane, Brazil

Describe a challenging aspect of your job.

Entering data is one of the biggest challenges. We have to be analytical and compassionate at the same time, because the numbers and notes represent real people even though we haven't met in person, so we have to be very careful about what we're doing. – Abegail, Philippines

Some of the greatest challenges I face are making sure my team has confidence in their abilities, making sure they know I fully support what they do and the decisions they make. – Angel, US

It's a new role, so I'm trying to learn as much as I can. The biggest challenge is getting up to date with all the different reporting and metrics I need to know, as well as getting to know people on the team and developing relationships with them. - Sinead, Ireland

I wouldn't say I face challenges, because everything is an opportunity. Different stakeholders have different expectations and managing those expectations is definitely an opportunity I face in my job. - Neelam, India

My biggest challenge is finding the best ways to solve problems. – Hetiane, Brazil

What do you love most about your job?

This is more than a work environment, it's also a place to have fun and show all of your talents. For example, I'm not applying my nursing skills in the hospital but I'm using them here and interacting with patients in a different way. And I'm still interacting with patients by fax, chatting and e-mail. There are endless opportunities to apply all of the skills that you have. – Abegail, Philippines

I love the flexibility I'm given. My leadership really lets me make decision and run my team the way I see fit – it's been a confidence builder and it's helped me to grow. – Angel, US

I love the people; we have a wonderful team here. – Sinead, Ireland

What I love most about my job is the defined career path for business analysts in this organization – there are infinite opportunities here. - Neelam, India

What I like most about working here is the positivity and teamwork. As individuals we develop great ideas, and as a team we solve problems together. – Hetiane, Brazil

Do you see any overlap between your job and your passion?

Whether I'm singing or working, I'm giving my absolute best and showing the value I place on the effort. That's how you get the best results. It also shows everyone else how much you value them. More than anything else, the greatest commonality between my work and performing is fun. When I'm singing, I'm having fun and the audience can feel it. When I'm enjoying my job, my co-workers know it, too. – Abegail, Philippines

Whether I'm at my job or roller derby, I have to be very creative. At work, if systems don't function the way we expect, we have to find creative solutions. And when I play roller derby, my goal is to get through the pack: sometimes my first maneuver doesn't work out, and I have to try something different. In both cases, we learn best from the mistakes we make. – Angel, US

I'm passionate about genealogy, and that involves a lot of curiosity. Not everything is going to be online, so I have to be prepared to travel and check out different opportunities as they arise. It's a bit like detective work, and at UnitedHealth Group I also spend a lot of time following trails to see what comes next. – Sinead, Ireland

My passion is baking, and I've been doing it four years now. What I love most is the finished product, seeing what I can actually make with my own hands. Just like my job, baking requires a lot of patience and precision. – Neelam, India

I love exploring museums because I am drawn to culture and historic things. And I'm learning English because I think it's a beautiful language. I want to travel and explore the world, my curiosity leads me on adventures that make me feel complete.- Hetiane, Brazil

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