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Clinical Careers in the Corporate Setting - an interview with Dario San Gabriel, Clinical Director for Optum in the Philippines

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 In CareerAreas

Ever wonder how it is like to have a clinical career in the corporate setting? Dario, our Clinical Director for Optum, a business of UnitedHealth Group shares his experience on what it’s like to have a clinical career in the corporate world. As a leader in UnitedHealth Group, he also shares how he engages his team, and how he guides them in their career growth.

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Palliative Care at UnitedHealth Group: Q&A with Nurse Practitioner, Gregg S.

Monday, March 14, 2016 In Our Businesses, Careers

Across the US, the approach to end-of- life care is growing more sophisticated and compassionate every day. Today, especially in companies like ours, Nurse Practitioners are working with providers to give comfort and relief to patients while ensuring that they receive care that's aligned to their wishes. UnitedHealth Group chatted with Palliative Care NP, Gregg S. to provide real insight about a Palliative Care career path.

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