Ashutosh J.

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Ashutosh J. | Music & Adventures & Associate Lead

One of Ashutosh's proudest moments was when he competed in a reality music show for television and placed 5th out of 100,000 participants.  He tells us it was just as exhilarating when he landed the interview for his dream job at UnitedHealth Group. We're not surprised to hear that music and work represent equally important moments for him. Both have proven to be opportunities for lifelong learning as well as personal accomplishment. And since joining UnitedHealth Group, he's found a place where he's empowered to pursue both passions to their fullest.

“When I sing fiercely for a stadium filled with 5000 people, or steer a meeting room or round table discussion—I put my skills forward with confidence and positivity.”



How do you describe your job to family and friends?

I lead the software testing team to identify and fix defects in application code, so that we can provide successful delivery to the stakeholders. But on a bigger scale, my job goes beyond that—contributing to creating the best medical facility for the elderly population of the United States.

Describe a challenging aspect of your job.

The biggest challenge for our team is working within stringent timelines to provide a zero defects production environment, making sure there's absolutely no downtime in the applications we handle.

What does it take to be successful in your job?

This is a rapidly growing organization and you have to understand and match the pace of business to deliver not only what is expected, but also what is needed beyond the call of duty.

What do you love most about your job?

My favorite part of my job is analysis and problem-solving. I get a sense of achievement and satisfaction every time I deliver a successfully completed project.

Why is your passion important to you?

Music has been a part of my life since I was young. I began singing on stage when I was five. I was also trained in Indian Classical Singing and western guitar playing. Balancing my passion and profession, I pursued my music in high school and college, and later I took it to the next level.

Do you see any overlap between your job and your passion?

When I sing fiercely in front of a stadium filled with 2000 people, I am filled with confidence and positive energy. It's the same when I am in a meeting room or a round table discussion—I put my ideas and skills forward with conviction and positivity. I show the same aggression in achieving targets and meeting deadlines at the office, as I show in a live concert. 

How have you grown at UnitedHealth Group?

I have seen myself grow and evolve in my journey here at UnitedHealth Group. My technical competency, management skills, soft skills, all have improved with my time here.

What should someone know before joining our company?

This is a great company where you can benefit from the expertise of fellow team members and know your work is appreciated. When you join UnitedHealth Group, you can be confident that you've landed at the right place.