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Giselle N. | Ballroom Dancer & Senior Technology Project Manager

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Giselle says it's been "many, many years" since she's danced, but it all comes back in an instant when she puts on the ball gown and straps on those dance shoes. The process is reminiscent of her days on the dance floor as well as the milestones she experienced throughout those dancing years: being single, getting married, having children. She might not remember all of the steps at first, but she'll laugh her way through the routine as it all comes back to her. It's a fearless approach that works well on the dance floor, and just as well with her team at UnitedHealth Group.

"I tell people this is a great job to have, because I get thrown into things that are totally unknown. But I'm not afraid of being human. And just like when I'm dancing, I'm not afraid to make mistakes."


Giselle N
Giselle N

How do you describe what you do to family and friends?

I work with different internal, external and cross-functional teams to make sure all of our reports—financial, security and HIPPA, for example— are in compliance with accounting controls.

What are some of the challenges you face in your job?

When I started my job, the greatest challenge I had was meeting people and building relationships quickly so we could move on projects and meet deadlines. I had to be very fast and methodical in terms of understanding how people contributed to a project, so I could complement their work with my own.

Do you see any overlap between your job and your passion?

Dancing is about responding to your partner and creating a flow. I have a role, my partner has a role, and together we create something amazing on the dance floor. The same thing happens at UnitedHealth Group: the people on my team have complementary skills that work together to make something greater.

Why is your passion important to you?

When I'm on the dance floor, I feel free. I feel connected and happy. The whole experience of getting dressed in a gown, putting on the makeup and getting my hair done, it takes me back to the stories of my life and reminds me of where I came from.

How does the environment at UnitedHealth Group bring out your strengths?

When faced with a challenge, I'm not afraid to be human and make mistakes. It's a lot like dancing because I don’t get stressed out, I just laugh at my mistake and keep moving. At UnitedHealth Group, we also have a flow. I can share my mistakes with the team and we improve on them and keep moving. We can always pick up and go again.

Favorite person, living or dead?

My uncle is one of my favorite persons in life. He put himself through the university, became a lawyer, and he's been through so many ups and downs but he always meets the challenges in his life. He's my inspiration and role model.

Favorite food?

My mother's style of Arroz con Pollo—chicken and rice—very traditional. And tamales!

Favorite movie and why?

Twilight, because it was the first book my daughter read when she was learning English. She was so proud that she read and understood it all. But I also like Transformers, because I grew up with those cartoons!

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I don't share this very often, but I came to the United States for school with $2500 in my pocket and one suitcase. I was already a U.S. citizen, but when I arrived I had no family and not even a house.

Most grateful for?

My life, and my children's lives. I'm very grateful that they're healthy and going to school. Of course they have challenges, but they're still going to school.