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Mayrecell A. | Kickboxer & Provider Services Representative

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Stronger than yesterday, but not as strong as she'll be tomorrow. You can't help but feel inspired to get up and move when you listen to Maryrecell talk about her passion for kickboxing. In some ways, you might say it saved her life. Battling a family history of diabetes and facing her own physical challenges, Maryrecell discovered kickboxing as a way back to health – as well as healthy living. And sustaining that drive seems to come naturally, because she's equally passionate about her work with UnitedHealth Group. In both places, Maryrecell knows that the best motivation comes from inside, and when you've got that, there's no limit to what you can achieve.

"It’s more of a general sense of living a healthier life that creates an atmosphere that reminds you to pursue your passions."


Mayrecell A
Mayrecell A

How do you describe what you do to family and friends?

I love my job; when someone asks what I do, I say I help people live healthier lives.

Describe a challenging aspect of your job.

Being a provider services representative isn't always easy – it takes a lot of guts and you have to remember to put yourself in the patient's situation. It's absolutely essential to collect the correct information so you can best resolve issues with health care claims and payments.

What strengths do you bring to your job?

I have a lot of self-discipline, and it shows because I've never been late to work or absent.

What do you love most about your job?

It's not just the job, it's also the people around me. A simple 'thank you' from a provider, nurse or doctor can really brighten my whole day.

What makes your passion important to you?

It all boils down to self-discipline and self-respect. Diabetes runs in my family, and all of my siblings are disciplined when it comes to exercise. It took a lot of self-discipline for me to start kickboxing, and I lost 50 pounds in a year. I love the perspiring because it means you're burning calories. I don't compete, but every time I put on the gloves I feel awesome. At the end of the day, I'll be the last woman standing. 

Do you see any overlap between your job and your passion?

Self-discipline is an important part of my job, and it's also important to kickboxing. With kickboxing, you're learning to box and kick at the same time, while training in techniques to overcome your opponent. The same self-discipline is part of my job because you have to persevere to get the right information and create the best resolution.

What should someone know before joining our company?

The people here are very caring and ready to help others have healthier lives. That's the kind of company you're joining.

Person you admire most – living or dear?

My father, because he's my role model and my hero.

Favorite food and why?

Adobo's the best.

Most grateful for?

I'm most grateful for my family – our motto is 'family comes first'. I'm so close with my siblings and my parents, I can’t live without them.