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Ricardo I. | Rock Band Dad & Medical Director and Helicopter Rescue Physician

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Ricardo's enthusiasm for life is infectious, and he imparts it to his children by example. He loves music, so he taught them to play. He's a hospital medical director, but he's also on the front lines as part of the helicopter medical rescue team. Because life – like music – is best enjoyed with a team, he says. And there's no sweeter harmony than finding your true calling and living it every day.

"When I'm performing a medical rescue, I can feel the adrenaline going through my veins. Playing music is the same: it's powerful, emotional, and everyone has to work in harmony."



How do you describe what you do to family and friends?

I have two separate functions here. One is my role as a doctor, rescuing people. The other is being a medical director.

How does the work environment at UnitedHealth Group make the most of your talents and skills?

My leadership role is important, but I’m also on the front lines when I work with the helicopter team and rescue people. To pull people out of those critical moments with the possibility of rescuing them and bringing them back to life – that's my true calling.

What was the biggest challenge you've faced on your job, either as a doctor or the director?

Delivering a baby. I usually deal with a lot of sick people, trying to save their lives – not bring them to life. And that challenge was actually the greatest joy I've ever had.

What qualities are essential to your success as both a musician and a doctor?

Sensibility is very important; it's crucial to both.

What are the elements of your job you love?

Flying in the helicopter is really fun, and I joke with people that I get paid to do that. But even more, I like helping people who don't have access to health care.

What similarities do you see between music and your life at work?

Whether I'm making music or working to save someone's life, everyone is working toward a common goal. Everyone needs to work in harmony, because one person's error can lead to disaster.

What’s the most important thing someone should know before joining our company?

All they need to know is they're coming to a very good place, this is a very good company.

Why is music important to you?

I love making music with my children. Playing in a band is infinitely better than playing solo, and being with my children is so rewarding. The Rolling Stones are a unanimous favorite for us.

Do you live by a specific principle or set of rules in your life?

I always try to be humble. I think that's my principle in life: we have to remember where we came from.

What are you most grateful for?

I'm grateful for life; it's a wonderful thing. Living is the greatest opportunity we have.