UnitedHealth Group Hub– Hartford, CT

UnitedHealth Group Office Location Hartford Connecticut

  • The city of Hartford is ranked highly for workforce productivity, accessibility, income levels, technology, education, the arts and heritage.
  • Hartford is home to several Fortune 500 companies
  • Known as the “insurance capital of the world” Hartford employs seven-times more people in the insurance field than the average metropolitan area.
  • Connecticut’s school systems earn high marks nationally. Students rank #1 in mathematics, writing and reading, according to the standardized tests.
  • Connecticut ranks #1 in gross state productivity. Over 90,000 people work within a three-mile radius of downtown Hartford.
  • Per capita income is $5,000 above the U.S. average along the knowledge corridor which extends from Hartford region to western Massachusetts.
  • Hartford ranks among the top six percent of Northern America regions for the arts.