International Customer Service Week


UnitedHealth Group Celebrates International Customer Service Week, October 3-7

Customer Service Week is an international celebration of the importance of Customer Service and of the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis. Customer Service Professionals play a critical role in the success of UnitedHealth Group in offices around the globe.  One of the benefits of having team members all over the world is that we can compare our working styles to other cultures. The different perspectives and cultures that come together on this global team contribute to new ideas and improvements that make us better overall. In honor of International Service Week we are taking a closer look at our global team. 

Joanna and Juan Miguel are both Customer Service Representatives at UnitedHealth Group. Joanna is located in the United States and Juan Miguel is in the Philippines. We asked them the same questions to learn more about what it is like working as a Customer Service Representative for UnitedHealth Group in different countries.

What strengths do you bring to your job?

Joanna: My sense of humor definitely helps. When people call in and they're very frustrated, I can break down that wall with my sense of humor, get to the root of the problem and resolve their issue.

Juan Miguel:  It's really easy for me to talk with people and help them feel comfortable. We spend a lot of time talking with people we don't know, and I just naturally help people feel at ease. You have to find the right balance between doing your job and respecting someone else's time, and I'm good at that.

What are the elements of your job you love?

Joanna: I love being able to take the initiative and go the extra mile for someone. I know how to reach out to nurses and doctors and other people who can get the job done fast.

Juan Miguel: UnitedHealth Group gives me a lot of opportunities to show what I can do and contribute to making the company better. Right now, for example, I’m working on my Lean Project; one of the Six Sigma projects. And there's something about working at UnitedHealth Group that makes you feel like you're more than just an employee, you also get to be a human. I love that.

What makes your passion important to you?

Joanna: My passions are comedy and hosting my radio show, and I know that with comedy you have to be able to relate to others. If people aren't laughing, it's because they can't relate to what you're saying. So it's all about trying to find that link between you and the other person – whether you're on the phone or standing in front of a crowd.

Juan Miguel: Skimboarding at the beach is my "happy place". When I’m gliding through the shore, or through the waters, it’s all about being happy and having fun, even if I fall off the board. At the same time, it's a great way to meet new people, play with others and show off your skills. That's the kind of environment where I thrive.

What should someone know before joining our company?

Joanna: You have to be able to accept the fact that things are constantly changing, and you have to be able to adapt to that. Adapt and change is what it's all about.

Juan Miguel: It's important to be yourself, because at UnitedHealth Group you can be professional but also have fun. You don't have to pretend to be something or someone that you're not. I came to UnitedHealth Group with a set of certain skills, and the company helped me expand on those. That's the kind of opportunity you find here – opportunities to enrich what you already have.

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