Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

UnitedHealth Group Corporate Offices – Minnetonka

  • Minneapolis is named as one of the best American cities to live. MSP Building Image
  • Minneapolis is also named as one of the most cultural communities in the US.
  • The seven counties of the metropolitan area are home to nearly 20 Fortune 500 companies.
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul ranked 18th on Forbes magazine’s 2005 list of “Best Places to Jump-Start a Business or Career.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency named downtown Minneapolis as “Best Workplace for Commuters.”
  • Minneapolis was ranked the 6th most educated city in the country by Encarta online.
  • Child magazine ranked Minneapolis/St.Paul the third-best metro area for raising kids.
  • Minneapolis was ranked the top city for technology in 2005 by Popular Science Magazine.

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