In today’s rapidly changing market place great ideas and solid execution can only take you so far.  You also need the ability to spot opportunities, move on them in the blink of an eye and ensure that your not only first, but best. That ability is front and center with MSLA and that’s what made us such a great fit for Optum and the UnitedHealth Group family of companies.  Now the question is, do you have what it takes to help us stay ahead of the curve as we execute like no one else?

Change is here to stay. And we’re going to stay ahead of it.

Many of the great breakthroughs in health care and human services were driven by people who combined great ideas with the courage to try them. They follow their imaginations with dogged determination and, as a result, they bring about change that really makes a difference. That’s the heritage and future of MSLA. We were built by a team leaders who saw tremendous opportunities to fill a need for government, military and commercial customers. So we built a portfolio of exceptional services starting with Independent Medical Examination services and expanded from there.

Today, we’re anticipating market needs as part of Optum. That gives us greater resources, more agility and the kind of intensity that has made UnitedHealth Group into a global leader today.  Above all, we’re committed to staying relevant by understanding and meeting changing needs in the marketplace.

Our focus is simple.

MSLA is a team of innovators who excel at providing technology-driven, comprehensive, independent medical evaluations to government and private entities. We’re growing our business relationships with the Department of Defense, a wide range of other government organizations and a variety of commercial customers.

In addition to our core clinics located throughout California, Nevada and Hawaii, MSLA manages an extensive nationwide network of fully credentialed physicians in all major specialties. Our service mix includes Disability Insurance & TPA Services, Worker’s Compensation exams, and Diagnostic Testing Services.

Serving those who have served.

MSLA has earned the confidence and trust of our nation’s military leaders and we provide a variety of services for the highly valued community of U.S. veterans. We’re out to deliver exceptional customer service and accurate evaluations, delivered on time.  We’ve successfully implemented a training program for all examiners, staff support, and subcontractors who will have routine contact with Veterans and Service Members.  We take tremendous pride in the services that we provide to our nations Veterans to meet their highest expectations.

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Company Overview

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California
Locations: 36 Medical Clinics spanning CA, NV, HI and GA
U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and several nationwide commercial

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