Road Map: A guide to your first months at UnitedHealth Group


EMEA Employee Information

Pre-day one:

  • Sign, complete and return UnitedHealth Group employment contract, and all required documentation
  • Learn more about UnitedHealth Group using the information featured on this site
  • Connect with other employees with a variety of social networking mediums

Your First Day:

  • Bring or send any outstanding documents required as outlined in the letter sent with your contract
  • Meet your manager and receive your employee ID
  • Obtain your access card (if office based)
  • Have an office tour (if office based)

Your First Week:

  • Enroll in the International New Employee Orientation Webcast in LearnSource, UnitedHealth Group's online learning portal
  • Join the New Employee Community in ONE connect - an internal site you will be introduced to.
  • Go into Global Self Service, an internal database, and complete /update your personal information
  • Start to complete ‘required’ trainings in LearnSource
  • Network: meet others in your team/department, prepare questions to ask them
  • Begin benefits enrollment process as soon as possible to ensure most timely eligibility based on local policy 

Your First Month and Beyond:

  • Ensure you have attended the International New Employee Orientation Webcast within 1 month of joining UnitedHealth Group. This is of significant value during your settling in period. *Required self-enrollment for EMEA based employees, APAC based employees can attend if they so wish.
    Attend Business Segment Specific Orientation (if available)
  • Continue to familiarize yourself with LearnSource, UnitedHealth Group's learning product suite, which consists of 1) web based resources on HRdirect - UnitedHealth Group's internal self-service resource for human resources and development needs, 2) a learning management system and 3) a development planning tool.
  • Schedule time to talk to your Manager about business performance goals, development goals, and find out about how Stretch! - our employee driven development process, can help you
  • New to health care, or want to know more about the industry and the role UnitedHealth Group plays? Why not explore Healthcare 101? Our custom build platform offers you knowledge of the health care system, what we are doing, and the difference we’re making.
  • Enroll in benefits within 30 days of start date

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