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A vision that matches to the emerging world.

The way we see it, globalization is evolving to the point where emerging markets are essential markets. To grow in the future, business leaders need to adopt a multi-locality approach. This requires new thinking that addresses personal security, safety, and health care needs in places that range from primitive to fully developed. That’s why UnitedHealthcare Global offers the most complex mix of business offerings and services to a market that’s just beginning to realize what it means to travel safely and securely.

Unless you’re into space travel, the opportunity simply couldn’t be bigger.

Our business operations span a range of health care insurance, health care facilities and networks, risk management and security services, travel assistance and more. Each of our businesses is complementary to the others and customizable to the market place we serve. Together, we provide the comprehensive solutions in any market place, anywhere.

Talk about opportunity. Can you imagine building a system or software that puts a worldwide organization in touch with all of their travelers with the click of a mouse? Or being part of a team that puts together security updates for hundreds of countries and cities for daily broadcast? Or perfecting a suite of training products that prepare drivers to use evasive maneuvers in remote deserts? The challenges we take on every day create the perfect environment for the passion and energy you bring to every assignment.

The Organization

We’ve constructed our business model in a manner that helps create customer facing products that are comprehensive, complementary and customizable. They include:

Global Insurance
Providing products to cover Expatriates, Business Travel, Student Travel and a suite of Health Management & Wellness Services

Global Assistance
Providing products like Medical & Security Intelligence, Assistance and Evacuation, Aviation Medicine Emergency Response

Global Risk
Providing Security & Medical Intelligence, Crisis Management Centers, Security Operations, Driver Training, Health/Safety/ Environment Consultancy & Management

Global Medical
Provides clinics, medical personnel, medical supplies, training and medical consultancy on localization plans

Global Markets
Providing the integrated blend of services in markets around the world where UnitedHealth Group has concentrated operations and workforce.

Our strategy is to adapt customizable solutions for each client in alignment with their geographical needs. Join us and you’ll discover a career environment like no other, drawing on the resources and deep expertise of the entire UnitedHealth Group organization. You’ll be part of a collaborative and highly integrated business in which learning and contributing are joined at the hip. What’s more, we’re committed to internal career development and mobility.

And that’s one more reason to love this opportunity to do your life’s best work.SM

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