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A job shouldn't define you. It should reflect you.

The Boomer generation is the fastest growing market segment in health care. And we are the largest business in the nation dedicated to serving their unique health and well-being needs. Up for the challenge of a lifetime? Join a team of the best and the brightest to find bold new ways to proactively improve the health and quality of these 9 million customers. You'll find a wealth of dynamic opportunities to grow and develop as we work together to heal and strengthen our health care system. Ready? It's time to do your life's best work.SM

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UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement is an integral part of our Health Benefits platform made up of UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement, UnitedHealthcare Community & State and UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual. Today, UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement is the largest business in the nation dedicated to serving the health and well-being needs of individuals 50 and older.

It is our mission to provide health services uniquely designed for the preventive, chronic and acute health care needs of our aging population. UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement delivers health and well-being benefits to 9 million seniors in conjunction with AARP across all major product categories in virtually every key U.S. market.

Americans over the age of 50 represent the fastest growing market segment for health and well-being services. UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement has a unique market position because of its multifaceted and national business scope dedicated to senior health care and Medicare, including experience with the frail elderly, the Medicare Supplement business, Medicare health plans, services for individuals with chronic conditions and prescription drug programs. The company’s proprietary clinical care models and software tools are designed to be effective in the community, at home, and in skilled and extended care facilities or other settings.

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Your job shouldn't define you. It should reflect you.

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