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More than 14,000 strong, the technology teams at UnitedHealth Group span borders, business units and product lines. We’re supporting one of the world’s most successful organizations doing some of the world’s most important work. We’re out to discover how emerging technology can drive new health solutions while ensuring our business leaders have the information and performance levels they need. When it comes to Project Management, we’re insanely ambitious. We want you to have the best tools, methodologies and co-workers on earth. Even more important, we want you to have every opportunity to build your career by tackling work that stretches you and expands your knowledge. Day by day, we’re writing the history of health care change. That’s why joining us now will lead to your life’s best work.SM

What you Need To Know

  • Your ability to flex and adapt to change will be key in our rapidly evolving environment.
  • You’ll be presenting to leadership at the executive level and will need to manage their expectations as well as take input on course corrections.
  • Our management team is looking to the Project Management role for the development of future leaders for the organization.

What We Are Looking For

  • We need experienced Project Managers who are adept at working with a defined methodology (Agile, ITIL, Waterfall, Six Sigma).
  • You should have managed projects at an enterprise level. 
  • As we continue to grow our involvement in the commercialization and Health Care Exchange arena there is a need for a strong consultative background and skills.

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IT Infrastructure Project Manager

Imagine 140,000 intensely focused, high energy co-workers relying on technology and resources that you help manage to be effective as individuals and teams. Now imagine yourself bringing expertise and leadership to large and complex infrastructure-focused projects that help us achieve key business objectives. Get the picture? This is the opportunity of a lifetime to make a difference for us and yourself. More Information

IT Project Manager

Health care is changing. We're changing. And that puts you in the driver's seat of key projects that help keep our technology at the leading edge of business needs and requirements. In this role, you'll manage important IT programs and projects involving software enhancements or software purchases. More Information

Project Manager

At UnitedHealth Group more than 12,000 technology professionals are supporting the work and business objectives of our sprawling Fortune 14 organization. There's challenge where ever you look; especially in the form of projects that have major impact on our business. You'll help ensure that these projects are completed on time and within budget. In this role, you’ll experience a vast array of projects and work with key stakeholders to ensure tasks are performed according to plan while ensuring that end-user specifications are met. More Information

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