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Okay, we get it. Your skills and expertise have never been more in demand than they are today. But think about this. This is health care, where data security has been a top priority for decades. UnitedHealth Group has built a level of knowledge and sophistication that is pretty much guaranteed to help you raise your game while we continue doing everything we can to lower our risks. So it’s not just the challenge, the scale or the intensity you’ll encounter, but the opportunities you’ll have to learn from the best while you take advantage of resources that you’d expect with a Fortune 14 leader. You’re wanted. We’re needed. Let’s tackle the future together. And along the way, you’ll find yourself doing your life’s best work.SM

What you Need To Know

  • You will be working with a highly-focused leadership team that sets very ambitious goals and objectives.
  • You’ll need to keep learning to stay on top of emerging technologies and security solutions.
  • You will be working to protect some of the most sensitive, personal data available.

What We Are Looking For

  • Extensive cybersecurity experience within a large scale environment is essential.

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Cyber Defense Operations Senior IT Security Consultant

As a senior level IT Security Consultant, you'll use your expertise to conduct vulnerability assessments on a wide variety of technologies and implementations. More Information

Information Security Engineer - Cyber Defense Operations

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IT Security Architect

In this IT Security Architect role, you will be responsible for the development, communication and implementation of the organization's technology architecture and applications plan, including the components required to support it and in the integration of corporate and business architecture and applications. More Information

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